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My kids finally saw The Princess Bride, a movie their dad and I have loved since our college days. There is something wonderful about watching your favorite people watch one of your favorite films. In this case, the added bonus was observing the light ...

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Ray Bingham

September 16, 2013  12:40pm

James comes close to in his comments to an interesting point that I have never heard anywhere else: Jesus first quote on the cross comes from Psalm 22, but so does His last. His final words were "Father into Thy hands, I commend my Spirit" and "It is finished". Theologians debate which was said before the other, but compare "It is finished" to the final line of Psalm 22--"They shall come, and shall declare his righteousness unto a people that shall be born, that HE HATH DONE THIS" "IT IS FINISHED" completing the Psalm He started quoting with His first words.

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Norman Davis

July 16, 2012  11:13pm

Last year I took the time to read through the Bible chronologically and it was an amazing experience, so much of the OT came alive and things in the NT began to make more sense. Recently (around the time of Easter) on CT there was an article that spoke specifically about Psalm 22 and Carolyn echoes the sentiment of that writer ( html) in understanding it as Jesus saying God has not forsaken him. I read this and it made me wonder if I had been misunderstanding a core principal of Christian doctrine for many years. A few weeks ago I came across this article which was written in response to the one previously linked in CT ( -god/). I think that this second article is worth reading as I think he articulates much much better than I why interpreting Jesus' words on the cross the way it is done in this article may be wrong.

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Charles Lamb

July 04, 2012  4:14pm

Yes, knowledge of the Old Testamant increases ones appreciation that Jesus Christ faithfully taught the new and living way God had planned, that while people thought they were doing right by loving their neighbour and hating their enemies Jesus Christ explained that we are to love our enemies and do good to those who hate us, and as his apostle Paul explained we are to find ways of overcoming evil with good. Jesus Christ continues to ask why do you call me Lord Lord and do not the things that I say.

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July 04, 2012  10:57am

The key, true statement of this article is "You can't master a dialect without also learning the culture in which it is embedded." Or as the cliche goes, "Text without context is pretext. The context of the NT is always the OT. It is impossible to know who Jesus in the gospel is without knowing his presence and promise in biblical history. (BTW - For an irrefutable argument of the need of the Old Testament in order to know Jesus, go to the study that Dr Alber Mohler does on Hebrews 11. You can download the mp3 from his website.) Just compare it to the two chambers of the heart, one which receives the blood, and the other which sends it out in power and life for the body. Both need to be there.

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James brett

July 03, 2012  3:14pm

Fine article. Another (small) point of fullfilled prophesy (OR freak luck)... Pslam 22:12 "Many bulls surround me, strong bulls of Bashan encircle me." The 10th Legion, the Legion that cruxified Christ, was one of only two legions with something other than eagles on their shield - they had bulls. Julius Ceasar gave them that honor in recognition of their steadfastness. They had recently transfered to Judea from Syria via Bashan. Anyone present at the cruxifiction would have known exactly what Christ was talking about and seen the: 1) highly unlikely coniciendence, or 2) the Lord fullfilling of prophesy. I suggest putting a mustard seed of faith in 2) and acting accordingly. Blessings will happen. At the cruxifion Christ was quoting the first line of a 'song' (Ps22)... it would be like a patriot saying "Oh beautiful for spacious skies" just before being hung.

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July 03, 2012  8:27am

Thanks, Carolyn, for reawakening our hunger for the word of God in both Testaments. As I have been saying, recently, He is not God 2.0 when we get to the NT. He is the unchanging One.

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John Townsend

July 02, 2012  4:00pm

Ms Arends is discovering and noting how the Old Testament Scriptures correspond with the New Testament message. The types and prophecies of the OT prophets are fulfilled in Christ Who was prophecie in the Old and revealed in the New. Christ fits us with a new set of spectacles so that we can see the hidden Christ of the OT. Here is a web site that helps mightily in this regard.

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Bruce M.

July 02, 2012  1:25pm

If you'll allow me a tangent from the point of this article...I have always found major sections of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament dense and impenetrable. When I read them, my eyes and mind glazed over. I've recently discovered that reading them slowly and ALOUD to myself makes all the difference in the world.

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