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We find ourselves basking in the season of golf majors. We just watched the Masters (won by evangelical Bubba Watson), and U.S. Open (won by evangelical Webb Simpson), and in another couple of weeks, we'll get to enjoy the British Open (to be won by ...

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June 29, 2012  2:04pm

I've had many a spoiled walk playing golf, so it's hard for me to open up to analogies comparing that infernal game to life or (yikes!) our Christian experience. Nevertheless, Mark Galli's analogy rings true. Motivated by joy, we can seek God's standard of perfection, knowing full well that we're only 3% there in actual performance. Also, it's a good thing that believers are 100% sanctified -- in the positional sense. Our sins have been removed as far as the east is from the west. From God's perspective, we shoot a hole-in-one on every hole!

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Konstantine Michailidis

June 28, 2012  10:43pm

There are some real gems here, but overall, it is confusing. The fact is that that Mr Galli plays the game, plays it better than some, tries to play it better, which is part of the game, especially because he loves the game, and that love is his motivation. If he did not have the chance to improve, and if he did not have a set of rules to guide him, he would not be playing the game. He did not become the golf player he is overnight. He began to play, he practiced, he set goals, he repented of bad golf swings, he used better balls and practiced on the driving range and putting greens, and picked good playing partners, as well as copy the great players as much as he could.. He did not just wait for the US Masters. He played the game. Whether he took it seriously or not. If I went out on the greens with him, he would be very, very disappointed at my lack of transformation -whether I loved to watch the US Masters or not...which I do ...and I can't play a shot! He is a golfer and I am not.

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