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When I visited the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit in Philadelphia in June, I started fidgeting almost immediately. The exhibit (at the Franklin Institute, running through October 14) begins by walking visitors through a display of archeological treasures (some ...

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Yohanna Puric

September 13, 2012  8:27pm

Great article, thanks. For those wanting to read more background on the discovery of the Scrolls and how they were acquired by different museums and the Israeli government, RK Harrison's book The Dead Sea Scrolls would be a good read. It was published in 1961 not very long after the discoveries. It reads like a contemporary mystery novel. Thankfully, I had the chance to visit Qumran and the Dead Sea, so reading it made me feel like I was part of the action. I highly recommend a trip to Israel to have a better 'feel' of the events described in the Scriptures and to walk where our Lord and Saviour and his disciples walked and be where God's Shekinah glory resided in visible form. Blessings!

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Thaddeus Stone

September 13, 2012  3:21am

I'm a recent convert to chrisitianity after a life of sin and socialist pointlessness...what clinched the whole conversion deal it for me was reading about the Dead Sea scrolls!

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Bill Field

September 12, 2012  7:00pm

Wonderful article. Thank you so much for your thoughtful insight. As a new Christian I absolutely love reading about the history of Christianity. Articles like this excite and bring me closer to God every time I read them. Thanks again.... Peace, Bill

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