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Claire Guest

November 08, 2012  1:09am

Jon, when posters play the race card (which, after all, only contributes to divisiveness, right?), I will call them on it. (You yourself have played other divisive cards.) God knows whether posters are Christians or not - He knows all hearts. Several posters have confirmed that they are not Christians. Sadly, I have learned over the last four years that whatever Barack Obama says is usually the very opposite of what he does (including his campaign promises of 2008). That rang through my mind today as I heard his victory speech. Please forgive me if I couldn't believe anything he said - I can't recall a president whose time in office has been so divisive. You ask, "How can we bear witness to the Gospel's call?" One way NOT to bear witness to Christ Jesus' word is to dismiss everything He's ever said about sin - He forgave, healed, and delivered people, then said to them, "Go and sin no more." We must be as wise as serpents AND as harmless as doves - as HE was and is.

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Jon Trott

November 07, 2012  1:11pm

Both Mitt Romney (in his gracious concession speech) and Barack Obama (in his inclusive and stirring acceptance speech) have attempted to emphasize a need for bringing us together. Perhaps we as Christians should take a clue from these political adversaries and try to find ways to stop dechristianizing one another over our differing understandings of how to achieve healing and growth in our country. Rather than accusing others of playing the race card, let's look hard at both history and the present and ask ourselves: "How can we bear witness to the Gospel's call, which is an inclusive call even in its specificity, and also embrace pluralism as a road to both humility and greater opportunity to bear witness to Christ's Powerful Love?"

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Claire Guest

November 07, 2012  9:36am

Why do you play the race card, dan sa? Do you seriously NOT know of Democrat endorsements of "fat-cat" black male affluent urban AND suburban preachers?

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Wayne Froese

November 07, 2012  1:05am

Dan sa - it isn't just a GOP problem. Let's hold Dems accountable too.

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dan sa

November 06, 2012  11:55pm

I hope these election results cause Evangelicals to STOP following the shameful Republican endorsements of "fat-cat" white male affluent suburban preachers! This may have been Jesus' REBUKE of them being the Pharisee praying about how GREAT & influential he is ... while the materially poor Christian is serving "the least of HIS brothers & humbly asking the Lord for his daily bread! Wake UP! "I was hungry and you did NOT feed me ... I was in prison and you did NOT visit me ... I was naked and you did NOT clothe me." That may be the message these self-promoting ministers may hear from supporting an oppressive political party that talks about "sanctity of life," but SUPPORTS torturing, maiming, and killing millions around the world who happen to be in the way of American ambitions and putting in prison & to death many people who have been railroaded because of their poverty or/and color of skin. Think about it... and don't blindly follow preachers because of an "evangelical" label!

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