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When Kimberly Banks unexpectedly lost her job in 2006 and her job search stretched from weeks to months, she became despondent. Living in a Denver motel, she would frequently wake at 3 A.M. and cry out to God in prayer as her two sons slept soundly ...

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Paul Schryba

November 19, 2012  10:16am

Jim Ricker: In response to your question, I think it is a wonderful example of government/church/private sector cooperation. It indicates to me that caring people, government-private-religious, working together in the spirit of Love can tackle problems/opportunities. Why is it successful? God's grace. It certainly contradicts those who believe that government is 'bad' and private sector is 'good'. What do you think?

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Jeremy Kelly

November 17, 2012  8:17pm

I agree with Paul...I was thinking the same thing

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Jim Ricker

November 17, 2012  7:14pm

What is more compelling is your choice to post something negative about others who you disagree with instead of posting about the article subjects and content. What do you think about FSHI in general? Why is it successful?

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Paul Schryba

November 16, 2012  8:41am

In post after post, 'conservative' CT bloggers have condemned the government and touted that the private sector/church charity are the only viable 'Christian' responses to social problems. I find it remarkable that there is not a single response from these 'anti-government' posters to this article. Perhaps they believe that if they ignore it, it will go away...

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