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On a recent Sunday night, I sat on the floor at church, with my 3-year-old climbing in and out of my lap. As an introduction to a teaching series on fear, we had broken into small groups to answer the question: "What things are people your age ...

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Oun Kwon

December 14, 2012  12:54am

The word in the title - 'purpose' - makes me a little unsure. I hope he is not saying 'Jesus' is for your "purposeful life". Though it sounds much cleaner and less of psycho-babble than the expression 'purpose-driven', (like slaves driven by slave-master, of a book by Wreck Warren), 'Jesus' is not a means or even the means of the purpose of your life. Yeshua (aka Jesus) Himself is the end, the goal, and the purpose. BTW, what does it mean to be 'united with someone or God'? Or to be in union with him?

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December 02, 2012  2:45pm

Sarah, Thank you for writing this article. As an MBA and the daughter of a small businessman, a successful life is often defined based on commercial success. So many times, I have heard my father summarize a person's life based on their career accomplishments or real estate transactions - and as merely a working person without a fancy title nor a large estate, I always wondered what his quick summary of me would be, if I were not family? Certainly not a success. As I am beginning a job search with the primary focus to find the community where God wants me to serve, I am making my first job change in 16 years and thoughts of wanting to live a 'purposeful life' are taking on new meaning. I appreciated this article as it helped me to realize that I already know how my life will turn out - and therefore, I can not worry about which new job I will take or which new community I will join because I have confidence that I will stay united with Christ no matter what. Thanks again. Jill

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Sabrina Messenger

November 26, 2012  1:07pm

Great article. In the Orthodox Church, the term "theosis" is used meaning Union with God. Which means we relinquish control of our lives and take to heart and live the words of the Lord's prayer that says "thy will be done." Not always easy, particular if you are young and still have a sense of invincibility. The world constantly tells us we can "control" our destiny, and the self-improvement culture constantly re-inforces this false idea. It's not until we realize that without God we can do nothing that we then can be of use to God, to others, to ourselves. It's a matter of letting go and letting God, and not just when things are going your way.

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November 18, 2012  4:05pm

Thank you, Sarah, for such a well-stated and thoughtful condensation of our life in God.

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Pop Seal

November 16, 2012  5:01pm

A pastor for many years, I discovered that much of my work was nothing more than the continuation of a religious status quo (for the advancement of the cause of course). Later in my career I made the discovery that Christ may live His life through us, or better, "...the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, now gives life to our mortal bodies". It's His life in us that fills our experience whatever it might be. He works through us as we make ourselves available to Him. The regularly expected "church patterns" seldom fit this Christ life in the cooperating Christian. Difficult to explain, one simply needs to experiment his way along. Learn His ways and expect Him to meet you in them. Don't expect all your church friends to be enthusiastic as your 'experiment' will not likely fit the template of the status quo, referred to at first.

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