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I'm not sure when I started hearing more about "the common good" from fellow Christians. But I'm pretty sure Christianity Today had something to do with it. This magazine spent 2005 exploring pastor Tim Keller's proposal that ...

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John Mulholland

November 10, 2012  3:52pm

A little known & relevant event occurred in 1891, the same year as Pope Leo's encyclical, Rerum Novarum. Abraham Kuyper, the Dutch theologian & politician, organized the 1st Christian Social Congress, not repeated again until the 2nd in 1992.$988 The Center for Public Justice has reprinted Kuyper's lecture, "The Social Problem and the Christian Religion" which opened Congress in November, 1891.$333 Here is a brief report of a conference in 1998 about Rerum Novarum & Kuyper's speech. olars_speculate_on_task_of_bringing_social_teach/ Here is a brief article by Mark Noll on Rerum Novarum and Kuyper.$548 Since Kuyper's major contribution was on common grace/good, here is an article by Tim Keller on this.

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Pilgrim Progress

November 10, 2012  3:25pm

As always, all we need to consider is the words, commands and actual behavior of Christ. He also ran the risk of being called a Radical, Communist, Socialist and Anarchist. Guess what? He WAS. He changed the entire course of Religious and Spiritual thought when he said "feed my sheep." He didn't say "Join the AFA," did not picket against Human Rights, nor did he advocate demonizing or marginalizing anyone. He explicitly said that no man can judge another, in any context, in any way, shape or form. In short, he changed the course of history with his emphasis on Redemption. Redemption, in short, really means "put down those stones."

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