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It's tempting to look smugly down our noses and find satisfaction in Lance Armstrong's downfall. Yes, he used illegal drugs to gain a competitive advantage in the sport of cycling. He had plenty of company. What bothers us as much as the "juicing" ...

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Dan Bruce

October 16, 2012  12:03pm

When I was operating in my chosen field of sport, many were gaming the system and taking shortcuts to get recognition. I never did, and yet I achieved the highest recognition and respect available in my sport for more than twenty years. I also earned the enmity of those who did game the system and take shortcuts. At times the verbal abuse I endured was severe. Today, though, I can look back at my participation without having to hide my face, especially from myself. The purity of purpose I chose and the resulting purity of achievement I gained is priceless.--Dan Bruce, The Prophecy Society

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