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For the past 15 years, George Karambuka, a Pentecostal pastor and health worker, has fought against HIV/AIDS. Like many Kenyan church leaders, Karambuka believed premarital abstinence and marital fidelity were the key to preventing new infections.

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H. D. Schmidt

January 04, 2013  10:08am

What a so called Christian Disaster that is making Jesus once again weep! For God's sake and a disaster that will make Christianity look evil!

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Ronald Callender

January 03, 2013  1:44pm

I'm deeply sorry to hear about the devastation taking place in Africa owing to HIV/AIDS. This issue shows that all of us really need Jesus. He's the solution for all of our problems: external and internal and visible and invisible. The foregoing and reading that Jesus was circumcised make me wonder: is the campaign to circumcise people to prevent further cases of HIV/AIDS an effort to go back under the Old Testament Law of God, the Ten Commandments? I ask that question because if circumcision was highly effective against the spreading of those diseases, how come it's not the biggest in thing in North America? In fact, to date, I have not heard of people getting circumcised to prevent these diseases in North America. Have the leaders of the circumcision campaign spent time reviewing the research and secured other experts to verify the research before adopting it? The best prescription for the prevention of HIV/AIDS is the doctrine of Jesus. I'll be praying for all involved.

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