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On his first night of rotation at a Delhi hospital, Puneet Bedi was assigned to the obstetrics ward. A wide-eyed 20-year-old medical student, he was excited by the prospect of becoming a doctor responsible for human life. He hoped to witness a birth ...

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J Thomas

December 30, 2012  7:00am

I would like to see Christianity Today have the moral strength to publish a similar critical analysis of the American Abortion Industry. The founding feminist of Planned Parenthood was a devout racist and literally instituted abortion for the purpose of killing minority populations and other poor people and keeping them at a low % of the total population. It is undoubtedly the most morally abhorrent thing that has ever been perpetrated in America. Instituting a system to kill black babies to keep them from 'infecting' the larger population...that's incredibly disgusting. Yet that's what they did here in America. And here that system still stands, and its influence has been expanded exponentially. It's time for our Dietrich Bonhoeffers to stand...Christianity Today doesn't seem to have the moral conviction to push past their need to appeal to the same kinds of progressives who were mixed up with the Eugenics movement that spawned the Abortion Industry in America.

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Rick Dalbey

December 02, 2012  5:31pm

Ohhh, it's just a Republican evangelical fixation. "More girls have been killed in the past 50 years than men in all the wars of the 20th century. In countries like China and India, hearing "It's a girl" is not cause for celebration; it's a death sentence. Why, then, if one of the largest crimes against humanity is happening under our noses, have we heard so little about it And what, if anything, is the church doing to slow down the holocaust?" The church tried to do something about it in America but we were shouted down by liberals as America re-elected the most pro-abortion president in history.

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