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Francis Chan exploded onto the evangelical scene a few years ago when podcasts of sermons he gave at his flourishing, 4,000-member Southern California church went viral. But then in late 2010, he up and quit, saying, "I just want to disappear for a while." ...

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Rick Dalbey

January 09, 2013  5:10pm

I like Francis Chan. My only minor quibble with him is WHERE his intensity comes from. The early church met daily from house to house, not because they were committed to discipleship. They were just too excited not to. It was not a strategy, it was an impulse. They were too pumped by all the miracles and works of the Holy Spirit not to meet. In our cessationist world, we demand the discipline without the miracles which leads to a kind of drudgery which wears people out and causes the readers here to be amazed at Chan’s zeal, as if he were a superman. Listen to the excitement of the early church; “Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly. All the believers were one in heart and mind"

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Eric Jerermiah

January 09, 2013  3:48pm

For someone who left the Church because he didn't like the attention and popularity, he sure has managed to stay in and relish the spotlight and all of the attention he gets. Isn't it ironic, that I did not know about Francis Chan until AFTER he left the church because of all of the attention??


January 09, 2013  6:40am

I am so sorry that some people are just looking for comfortable religion instead of the Truth. Francis Chan preaches all, the grace that saves us and makes us happy and free, the discipleship that should be the result of grace and the perseverance that must result from grace. If you don't like that you don't like the way of Jesus. Obviously many people's conscience would be relieved if they could portray Francis as a legalist, a super intense freak or a guy who is working himself to death. Sorry guys, he loves God, loves his family and loves his neighbor and still follows Jesus faithfully, with assurance, but always trying to please him more.

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Greg K

January 07, 2013  10:19pm

Greg R.-- Yes, they should be celibate. You mention his kids...that is what sex and marriage are for. The fact a homosexual union cannot possibly produce that is evidence that that is not how sex as it is supposed to work. And the hard part of celibacy is like the hard part of fidelity to his spouse. One's options are limited, that is part of the Christian faith. "There are no constraints, I define my own essence", that is the Modern faith. You are more than your libido!!!

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Tom Nash

January 07, 2013  8:37pm

Whew, that Francis Chan guy tires me out! Zeal is fine, as long as energetic Christians remember that they are saved by faith, not by works.

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Steve Skeete

January 06, 2013  4:56pm

'I'm pretty happy with my life, but there are still some fears in me. I'm still a coward when it comes to sharing my faith. I've gotten better, but as far as character, that would be the one thing that stands out to me. I don't love people as much as I would like to, the way I see people in Scripture doing it. I'm just not as bold as I should be at times. And so I wish I could grow in those character qualities. Whatever else Francis Chan may be he is honest and seems to be the kind of person who will give you an up front admission if asked. To be a 'best selling' author, and church leader teaching discipleship, and to admit what he did above, speaks of real integrity. That, to me, is what the 'church' today lacks more than anything else. Today's church leaders are, for the most part, charismatic, popular, wealthy and phony. I don't know Francis Chan, but it seems to me that he can teach today's 'shepherds' what 'walking in the light' is all about. Thanks CT.

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Kenneth Campbell

January 06, 2013  3:57pm

Sorry the Article isn't to your likings Greg, but I don't think the point of it was to find out his opinion on those tough issues. We should look toward the Bible for that. This interview, for me, excited me. It an author/pastor that lives out the Gospel and is a great Christian role model in today's world. There are real issues in this world, but maybe a homosexual couple isn't one of them. Maybe helping the world feed the hungry and help the sick is. Maybe we are too distracted by tiny issues that we numbed to the suffering around the world. Yes, homosexuality is a hard issue to talk about today because people are looking at it very highly today, but if we just looked at the Word I believe we would get our Christian answer on it. I don't believe it's the world's answer either.

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greg Reynolds

January 06, 2013  3:08pm

well, this is all very nice and upbeat reverend, but what would you tell a gay couple in love and passionate about each other? considering you have a very high libido yourself (after all, you have 5 kids from 17 to 1) would you tell them they need to be celibate? i am just curious, because this is such a sugar coated interview and there are real issues out there. you should give your opinion.

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