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On the downhill slope of a dirt road, west of a small one-room cabin, there flows a creek whose memory winds through the minds of those who have grown to love that place. Strung between a tree with the names of many a relative carved in its bark and ...

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Grady Walton

December 18, 2012  3:29pm

Okay, Mr. Markham, what is a person supposed to do when he or she waits decades for a call from God that doesn't come? Should that person sit under a broom bush and continue to wait? The problem with your position is that it is based on a false idea that all Christians are called to heroic evangelism or discipleship throughout the world. Sure, the Great Commission applies to all believers, but not all believers are called to live transient lives. Most of us are called to simply reach our families and maybe a few friends. Sure, many believers get caught up in the nonsense of bigger is better regarding their home, but there is nothing evil about having roots in a community.

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John Stadt

December 17, 2012  4:36pm

I thought God saved people from Hell and our job was to pursue that which is good and of value in God's Creation.

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William Markham

December 17, 2012  2:38pm

This piece is sentimental and squishy, but our calling as Christ-followers is not to lay down roots and build homes. We are called to save souls from hell, sacrificing all that Jesus Christ asks of us in His great calling. Americans love and are content with their great way of life. The maintenance and use of large homes and properties have largely replaced a life waiting for the call of Christ.

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