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When the Taliban attempted to assassinate 15-year-old Malala Yousufzai in Pakistan on October 9, the world responded with outrage. Starting at age 11, she began to blog anonymously on the BBC website, advocating for education and rights for Pakistanis, ...

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John Holmes

December 10, 2012  11:00pm

One essential consideration for improving the schooling of girls is to ensure that there are good toilets at the school. Unless there is provision for privacy during the monthly period for older girls and women, at the least there will be serious pressure on the individual not to go to school/work for about 50 to 80 days a year. In India, this handicap to retain girls in school has been finally acknowledge by the sanitation managers/planners and there are plans to build toilets at all schools. Just one situation where male centric views impose additional burdens on women. Sanitary protection products are also needed, as well as skills for the village production of such.

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