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Whenever we speak about God we are engaged in theology. The term "theology" means a word (logos) about God (theos), so when anyone speaks about God, whether that person dropped out of high school or completed a PhD in philosophy, he or she ...

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Jim Ricker

January 27, 2013  7:55pm

Most ignore learning because we are lazy by nature and will take a, "Get Out of Hell Free Card" and then too many theologians act and teah as though there is theology that is not practical. One side often thinks that the non-academic can't learn it the 'right' way while most people are quite happy to onlige and make their own idol.

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Adam Shields

January 24, 2013  11:31am

I just finished this book this week. A great little book. Highly recommend it.

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A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study Theology
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