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Just one week after the U.S. presidential election raised concerns about the Republican Party's ability to appeal to minority voters, Christian organizations are expressing new and renewed interest in Hispanics.

The Barna Group announced Tuesday the ...

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Claire Guest

November 20, 2012  5:07am

They could learn a lot from Marco Rubio and other conservative Latinos.

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S Wesley Mcgranor

November 18, 2012  10:30pm

Hispanics are tainted Catholic souls; from a tainted Catholic culture.

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Juan Tovias

November 18, 2012  4:59am

I am encouraged by the fact that latinos in the US are being noticed. Our nation is blessed by the participation of every citizen, regardless of race or culture. each one of us can make a difference wherever we live. our community deserves the best of us. I am grateful to everyone that makes an effort to impact the life of others. thank you all that are involved in making this happen/

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Jason LEE

November 16, 2012  3:20pm

The title of this article itself shows missed opportunity or just lack of cultural understanding. When did "Hispanics" become the other outside of the christian umbrella? Is is me or the author and the editor lack culture awareness. "Latinos" are one of the fastest growing evangelical group in the United States as well as in the Americas. The bigger question is? The current situation is not just the reflection of the GOP but also could reflect current Christian leadership. I don't want to criticize but I see the same reflection for many christian organization including Christianity Today. just looking at the "White" men leadership in most christian organization reflects the disconnect that is occurring between Christians with the growing "Latino" and "Asian" Evangelicals.

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GeekMOMMA Rants

November 16, 2012  11:30am

Well, Latino is a better phrase than Hispanic, just saying! These folks are human beings, yall, need to learn to understand human beings? Just give up, before you become more insulting. WOW.

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Tim Cowley

November 15, 2012  8:54pm

The tone of the article is clear. Christians must reach Hispanics so that they become good Republicans. We must tell them how to interpret their Bibles so that they vote correctly during the next election. This combined with increased pandering by the Republican party should bring them into the Christian-Right fold. Oh and it seems the Liberal Christians seek to pander to them too. Perhaps the Hispanic church can be molded into a Democrat stronghold like the African American Church. I'm left doubting that any of these people care about Hispanic Americans. They seem more concerned about how Hispanics can be used and abused for their own purposes. Actually loving them. Telling them about the forgiveness of sins, the sacrificial atonement of Jesus Christ, and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Nah, that stuff can wait until we get done brainwashing them.

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Carlos MorenoMtz

November 15, 2012  2:10pm

Well, time is running so fast! If Christian organizations don't wake up from this (and obviously they are behind on reaching Hispanics) many of them will be extinct or at least with lesser influence on the years to come.

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