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For many of you, your Christianity Today read in print begins with a cursory look at our editorial and corporate mastheads: the long listing of women and men who get this publication to you month in and month out.

The mastheads are our way of telling ...

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Jon Trott

December 05, 2012  10:38pm

I must fly a huge thank you flag to David Neff for his role(s) at CT. I'm acquainted with David going all the way back to his Inter Varsity Press HIS magazine days while I served with Jesus People USA's Cornerstone Magazine. We did some laughing at a particular Evangelical Press Association convention -- provoked by a very well known speaker's targeting HIS (and David) for "accommodation." We didn't think Dave deserved such an attack, but the number of times the word "accommodation" got uttered was what got us all laughing... guiltily, like little kids. I hope we didn't get David into even more hot water. But since then I've admired his attempt to guide Evangelicalism's flagship publication through increasingly troubled waters. I've often disagreed with CT on this or that, but always felt the overall effect was one of both faithfulness and balance. And any good magazine is a group effort; I'm glad to see Mark Galli, Katelyn Beaty, and others taking up the standard. Seriously... thanks.

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J Thomas

December 03, 2012  10:12pm

More Bible, less progressivism, please.

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Mike Atkinson

December 03, 2012  12:47pm

Wow, great appointments, Harold! A new day for CT. [I hope Mark still has time to write his columns, already too infrequent. Such a needed voice for the Church...]

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