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This is the third of a four-part series of reviews looking at Kevin DeYoung's The Hole in Our Holiness. See parts one and two.

Kevin DeYoung's The Hole in Our Holiness begins with an underlying premise that many Christians have ignored, misunderstood, ...

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Claire Guest

December 01, 2012  10:49am

If Braun had not dismissed millions of sincere believers as "Nuts", I would have taken the time to read this article and give it due consideration. I am not an adherent of Reformed theology, but I have friends who are. No, we do not agree on every issue, but we are able to agree to disagree with mutual respect. They are not "nuts" in any way, shape, or form. In truth, if every Christian lived as they do, our world would be a much better place.

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Daniel Patterson

November 30, 2012  5:09pm

I registered on this site just to comment about this article. I have read this book. I think this reviewer is a little too hung up on the fact that Kevin DeYoung is a PCA pastor... and to go as far as to call the Reformed view "nuts"... I might be out of the loop when it comes to differentiating between various Christian perspectives, but I'm fairly certain that no reviewer should be calling over 500,000 Christians "nuts." Calvinism is not mentioned once in the book, but yet it is tagged in this article. CT should be ashamed of allowing this on their site. FINAL COMMENT I feel as if the message of this review is: "this book uses too many big words and doesn't have enough funny stories." Is this reviewer going to ask that DeYoung's next book be in graphic novel form so that we can avoid big words altogether? I promise you... this book is not as "out there" as Mr. Braun suggests.

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Carlos Ramirez Trevino

November 30, 2012  7:39am

A Reformed Pastor who influenced my life seemed to speak of nothing but Godliness. To top it off, he really was a Godly man. But rather than prescribe things or conduct to abstain from, he projected a colorful and jovial exhuberance of the Fruit of the Spirit. Rev. Ken Wallace will llive in my memory along side Rev. Ralph Hibbitt forever. Compassionate. understanding, caring, joyful, temperate, kind, a peace maker, and a real example of faith in Christ. But while in the power of the Spirit we strive to live in a morally upright way, as these two great men of intellect, the comfort we should have is that Christ died so that this mortal can put on immortality and this corruptible frame can be vested with incorruptibility. Holiness is not just in the actions, but in the attitude.

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Adam Shields

November 28, 2012  5:01pm

At some point ChristianToday will receive enough complaints about their titles that they will do something about them. But until then they will continue to sensationalize their titles at the expense of clarity (and often the point the articles.)

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Kenneth Morefield

November 28, 2012  1:06pm

I think the use of the descriptor "nuts" in the headline to this article is unfortunate and runs in contrast to the tone, tenor, and content of the review as a whole.

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