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The recent deaths of two teenagers best communicate the situation in Egypt today.

Gaber Saleh, a 16-year-old revolutionary activist, was killed in confrontations with police in Tahrir Square last Sunday. That same day, Islam Massoud, a 15-year-old ...

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Claire Guest

December 01, 2012  10:44am

Pay attention, believers. Pay close attention and pray. This could easily happen in America, sooner than we might think. We need to be soaking ourselves in the Word of God and in prayer, every day, asking Him to give us ears to hear and eyes to see. As we do this, He will give us His perspective. There is no truth nor wisdom apart from Him. "Seek ye the Lord while He may be found. Call ye upon Him while He is near."

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allen warren

November 29, 2012  8:30pm

As Christians we often ask the question "WHat would Jesus do?" to lend some light on direction. I ask, in the situation in Eygpt, "What, would Mohammed do?", and i think you will likely come to some scary conclusions.

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J Thomas

November 28, 2012  5:07pm

How could people not see this coming? The Muslim Brotherhood is the organization that has spawned numerous terrorist groups. It is a radical organization with radical goals. Too many of us were devoted to protecting Obama's image by ignoring what the Muslim Brotherhood is. Can we turn your eyes to look at reality now, or are we still too blinded by our devotion to the "far left messiah" to see that the fruit of his tree is the oppression of Christians?

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