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Five Errors to Drop From Your Easter Sermon
If you want to help people see Holy Week with fresh eyes, start by dropping these familiar fallacies.
The End Is Not the End
C. Everett Koop on death and dying.
Subscriber Access Only Christianity and Scientific Concerns
Six evangelical scholars--including C. Everett Koop--in a panel discussion on technology and bioethics.
The Embattled Career of Dr. Koop
Despite political pressures, the surgeon general was out to fight disease, not people.
How Faith Works
The volcanic issue of "Lordship Salvation" is still emitting the smoke and fumes of controversy.
Back to the Fathers
Every turn in Thomas Oden's theology took him further left, until he came face to face with Augustine and Wesley.
Subscriber Access Only A Senator's Quandary: Carl F. H. Henry Reviews Mark Hatfield
'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' attempts to balance biblical respect with politics.
Subscriber Access Only Mark Hatfield on The Christian and the State
CT interviews Oregon's governor on the Church's responsibility toward government.
Subscriber Access Only Mark Hatfield on Beyond Containment: A New Vision for Superpower Relations
Envisioning a new day in relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.
Subscriber Access Only Mark Hatfield on the Vulnerability of Leadership
Why we cannot separate our allegiance to God from our love for our fellow man.
Subscriber Access Only Stealing God's Stuff & Controlling Human Life
Christians must help bridge the growing gap between biotechnology and bioethics.
Subscriber Access Only Mark Hatfield's Personal Use of the Bible
The governor of Oregon explains how he regards the Scriptures.
Subscriber Access Only Mark Hatfield: Celebrating the Year of Liberation
How Americans can think about a true revolution.
Subscriber Access Only Mark Hatfield Taps into the Real Power on Capitol Hill
The senior senator from Oregon shows keen discernment between the power of politics and the power wielded by the Holy Spirit.
Q & A: Tim Pawlenty on Evangelicals and the Issues
The former governor of Minnesota has announced his presidential candidacy. Here's CT's earlier interview on issues like cap & trade, foreign policy, and whether evangelicals have influence in the Republican Party anymore.
Subscriber Access Only Valentine's Dynamic Love
Our love is most godly when it is against the world for the world.
Subscriber Access Only An Open Letter to Tim Tebow's Fans
The high-profile quarterback, a devout Christian, practically walks on water. But give him a break. Please.
Subscriber Access Only Three Gifts for Hard Times
What I've learned as life has taken a turn for what most people think is the worst.
Subscriber Access Only Fruit Pies, Popcorn, and Music
The Pilgrim legacy goes beyond Thanksgiving to a love of music still with us today.
Subscriber Access Only Parents and Prodigals
As my daughter leaves for college, packing up her belongings, she is still a stranger to me.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 82 ARTICLES
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