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Subscriber Access Only Women Who 'Prophesy'
We were told God would do this.
Subscriber Access Only We All Want to Be Liked
Reading the gospel in a culture of 'likes.'
Subscriber Access Only Why We Need a Beautiful Orthodoxy
What we hope you see in every CT article.
Subscriber Access Only The Glowing Pope
Why even ‘nones’ like my brother are taking notice.
Subscriber Access Only Light-Bulb Moments
Seeing connections between today’s Mideast church and the first church.
Subscriber Access Only Confusions Abounding
Asian Americans cannot be pigeonholed.
The Ones I Love
Who knew that dinner out with friends could be so misleading?
Why We're Dropping Comments (On Some Articles)
We still want to hear from you. And we want you to enjoy reading our site.
WWJD Before 33
Meet 33 who have done a lot before their Jesus year.
Subscriber Access Only A Toast To Temperance
A needed corrective for cocktail-sipping Christians.
Subscriber Access Only A Sinner Raised by Sinners
What it means to see our families through a gospel lens.
Subscriber Access Only Quest for the Historical Wright
N.T. Wright told us his plans 15 years ago. How they have panned out.
Subscriber Access Only Information and Formation
We need more than data to understand the Bible.
Subscriber Access Only Our Position on Missionaries
(Almost) everything you've heard about them is wrong.
Subscriber Access Only Trauma Counseling for Christian Journalists
Why we put the new New Life story on the cover.
Subscriber Access Only C. S. Lewis in Unlikely Places
He’s still showing us how to pay attention.
Subscriber Access Only Smarter, Bolder, and a Little Bit Taller
Yes, it’s really different. And yes, it is still Christianity Today.
Subscriber Access Only The Gospel of Small for an Oversized Church
Why we need quiet disciples. Like the ones in this issue.
Subscriber Access Only Honoring David Neff, The Gentleman Scholar
A tribute to Christianity Today's esteemed editor in chief.
Subscriber Access Only The Secret to Why Sponsorship Works
Child sponsorship provides the most basic necessity.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 130 ARTICLES
Sort by:
page:123...7Next >
Top Story April 18, 2015
The Best Worship Music You Won't Hear on Christian Radio
The Best Worship Music You Won't Hear on Christian Radio
It's like finding needles in a hymnstack.
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