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What One Racially Divided Family Can Do
Two small steps that may start to address the black/white divide in the church.
Why the Ebola Crisis Needs a More Biblical Response
Ministry leaders empower West African Christians to do what no government or hospital can do.
Subscriber Access Only Sorry, Tertullian
Recent research tests the most famous adage about the persecuted church.
We All Have a Little Egypt in Us
Trusting God in difficult circumstances.
Jesus, the Ultimate Team Captain
What the incarnation means for you.
Body Talk: Beyond the Tween Abstinence Lecture
Media shapes how youth see their bodies. What can the church teach them instead?
Faith and Work: Your Story Here
Only an abundance of stories can do justice to Scripture's vision of vocation. We need yours.
The Church and Mental Illness Part 1: Aspirations v. Reality
A significant percentage of pastors aspire to address mental illness, but how many actually do?
Why We Don’t Need a Mrs. Jesus
Christian faith offers a fuller notion of God and gender than sensationalized stories.
Subscriber Access Only Pop Francis: Why Everyone Loves the Pope
From secular journalists to charismatic Christians, millions are taken with the Jesuit from Argentina.
Time To Rend Marriage? 1 in 4 Pastors Agree with First Things Petition
Magazine argues for splitting civil and Christian marriage. LifeWay examines which Americans agree.
The Real Reasons Young Adults Drop Out of Church
Young adults drop out of church because their faith isn't their own.
Quitting While Ahead
Why some United Methodist evangelicals suggest a split, even though their side is winning.
Study: Young, Nonreligious Women Give More than Christians
The female dollar and the changing landscape for charitable donations.
Ask for a Towel, Not a Title
Developing servant-leaders in the local church.
Why You Should Still Care about Ferguson Despite the Facts
Regardless of what the grand jury's decision means or what the facts say, we should still care about the people of Ferguson.
Subscriber Access Only The Glowing Pope
Why even ‘nones’ like my brother are taking notice.
Subscriber Access Only The Most Important Thing About the Holy Spirit
Why J. D. Greear remembers what gets missed in secondary debates.
Subscriber Access Only What Forgotten Christmas Tradition Should Churches Revive?
Rooting our celebration of Christ’s birth more deeply in our lives.
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Relief in Wartime Chaos
Fleeing violence, nearly 1.3 million Syrians and Iraqis are now living in Jordan. How local and global leaders are meeting their needs.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 3284 ARTICLES
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St. Nick, Patron of Pawn Shops
St. Nick, Patron of Pawn Shops
The little-known history of Christianity’s icon of generosity.
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