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Have We Told You How Pretty You Look Today?
How our instinct to praise each others’ looks might fuel an image-obsessed culture.
Mental Illness and the Church: An Analysis, a guest post by David Murray
What do the stats tell us about how the church deals with mental illness?
What is Contextualization? Presenting the Gospel in Culturally Relevant Ways
Contextualization involves an attempt to present the Gospel in a culturally relevant way.
The Boomerang Effect
The generation of the 'silent exodus' has now started coming back.
Act Like Men, part 3: Men Treat Women with Respect
Men acting like men do not exploit women. Men respect women.
Border Crossing: Common Words Work Against the Multiethnic Message
Dr. Elizabeth Drury on the importance of terminology in multiethnic ministry and discussions.
The Many Models of the Asian American Church
Once largely monocultural, Asian Americans' churches are now as diverse as the country they call home.
Missional Living Doesn’t Wait for Marriage
As for me and my house, we'll serve in our single years.
Idolatry Is Alive Today: Why Modern Church Leaders Still Fight an Old Battle
Idolatry is still trying to work its way into our lives.
Subscriber Access Only InterVarsity's Plan for a Culturally Diverse Staff
The campus ministry has pioneered intentional, personalized training for Asian American leaders.
Unintended Pharisees: Revealing and Redeeming the Hypocrite Within
The Pharisaical spirit often hides in fields of high expectations.
Subscriber Access Only Eugene Cho Leads the Quest for a Reconciled Church
The Seattle pastor believes Asian Americans need to speak out about race in America.
Subscriber Access Only Asian Americans: Silent No More
Asian American Christians are growing in influence and audience. Will they be embraced by their broader church family?
Strategy Matters: The Importance of Strategic Thinking in the Church (Part 1)
Effective strategies help form fruitful ministries.
The Missionary India Never Forgot
In just 13 years and a grand total of 250 converts, Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg changed the course of modern missions.
Ebola and the Clean Water Crisis
How Christian orgs in Africa are shifting from development to emergency relief to help fight the outbreak.
Subscriber Access Only The Case Against 'Radical' Christianity
Michael Horton's message to restless believers: Stay put, and build the church.
Powers in the Hood
It takes more than good intentions to do urban ministry—it requires spiritual armor.
Deconversion: Some Thoughts on Bart Campolo’s Departure from Christianity
Bart Campolo's departure from Christianity–some reflections about faith and (our) families.
Christine Caine, Liberty University to Launch ‘Lean In’-Type Program for Christian Women
Propel calls on the church to equip and validate working women.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 3191 ARTICLES
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A Word Can Be Worth a Thousand Pictures
A Word Can Be Worth a Thousand Pictures
Why the pulpit—and not the screen—still belongs at the center of our churches.
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