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Healing Begins Here
A summary of my blog series on racial reconciliation and the church.
The Surprising Truth About Discipleship and Spiritual Disciplines
Groups matter, and it's important that churches effectively establish and assess them.
Christ is the Answer to Our Race Problem
Three practical, public, and personal ways for the church to lead. The final guest post in our series on racial reconciliation, by Kyle Canty.
Israel’s Christian Schools Threaten Strike over Government's 'Oppressive Steps'
'Don’t stop us from carrying on our mission,' say 50 schools as Jewish state slashes support.
Major Missions Agency Picks 'Radical' New President
Megachurch pastor David Platt is now the younger face of the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board.
Why I Don’t Want My Child to be “Colorblind”
Four ways to see the beauty of the colorful world of people all around us. A guest post by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson.
Forgiving My Pastor, Mark Driscoll
As God rebuilds, I see Mars Hill shift its focus to love.
How Theologians Have Failed Asian Christians—and How They Can Do Better
Rather than forcing “elite” agendas upon grassroots believers, says Simon Chan, we need to take their concerns seriously.
Want to Be Multiethnic? Get Ready For Discomfort
Living out the gospel ideal of reconciled community proved far more difficult, and wonderful, than we ever expected.
Sunday is for Series: How a Christian Should Critique Criticism
Everyone receives criticism. How can Christians reflect Jesus in how they face it?
What the New Majority-Minority Public Schools Mean for Christians
The issue isn’t 'leave or stay' but 'how to serve.'
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Code-Switching for the Kingdom
Sometimes the gospel sounds like, “Nobody can do me like Jesus.”
White Christians: It's Time to Stand in Solidarity With Your Black Brothers and Sisters
The history that led us to Ferguson. A guest post by Christena Cleveland
We Need More Than Liturgy
Liturgical worship is the rage among many evangelicals. 'Not so fast,' says a liturgical Christian.
Multiculturalism Beyond Photo Ops and Potlucks
An interview with reconciliation scholar Dominique Gilliard.
On Being John Piper's Son: An Interview with Barnabas Piper
Barnabas Piper, son of Pastor John Piper, shares the positives and negatives of being a pastor's kid.
Have Babies, Just Not Yet
Resisting pressure to "make something of yourself" before motherhood.
Racial Reconciliation 2.0
We are all called to the work of reconciliation. A guest post by Rudy Carrasco
Stop Being a Mouthpiece for Satan: A guest post by David Lindell
By God's grace, use your words for the encouragement, not the destruction, of others.
5 Benefits of Being a Female Executive: A guest post by Selma Wilson
Selma Wilson shares some of the benefits she has found in being a woman in an executive role.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 3138 ARTICLES
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Study: Where Are the Women Leading Evangelical Organizations?
Study: Where Are the Women Leading Evangelical Organizations?
That's the mystery the Gender Parity Project, whose results debut this weekend, sets out to solve.
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