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One-Path Evangelism: The Scandalizing Exclusivity of Jesus
We are sinful and desperately in need of rescue.
The Cross-Resurrection Contradiction
At the heart of Christian faith is a commitment to a God who enters into suffering.
How to Liberate Ourselves from the Perils of Platform
For writers, bloggers, and speakers, the pitfalls of self-promotion are offset by a robust vision of women’s gifts in the church.
Stewarding Knowledge in Crisis
After 33 years, Global Mapping International is closing.
Who’s the Most Excited About Brio? Probably Moms
We grew up on glossies. Our daughters want a different medium.
The BGCE Gospel Life Podcast (Ep. 13)
Start each week with this encouragement to show and share the love of Jesus.
Moral Law: Americans Agree on More Morality, Disagree on Method
Survey examines attitudes on where morals come from and how to bolster behavior.
Fundamentalists, Modernists, and the Rest of the Story
Early 20th-century evangelical history was more than two camps lobbing grenades at each other.
SEND Institute: A New Learning Community for Church Planting
The Billy Graham Center partners with the North American Mission Board.
The “E” Word: Why Many Avoid It, and How We Can Reimagine It
Part Two in a new series.
The Great Female Commission
Mentorship expert Natasha Sistrunk Robinson on how to draw all women into the work of discipleship.
For Carl and Karen Ellis, Renewing Your Culture Starts with Knowing Your History
According to both theologians, looking to the past can remind us of God's present faithfulness.
“Super Christians” Are Overrated
Somewhere along the line, many Christians have come to believe that it’s not their responsibility to tell others about Christ.
Caring for Miami is the Miami-Dade Schools 2016-2017 District-Wide Exemplary Partner
Faith-based organization meets the physical needs of 1200 children each week.
Female Pastors Bring Hope to War-Torn Middle East Churches
Syria and Lebanon celebrate the historic ordination of a pair of faithful clergy.
Teams in Mission: Are They Worth It? (Part One)
TEAM missionaries research teamwork.
Operation World Mapmaker Shuts Down Due to Donor Shifts
Missionaries pursuing the Great Commission now have Google Maps.
When Failure Isn't an Option: How to Press Forward in Sharing Jesus Even When We Stumble
Failure and repentance secure for us a more ample conception of the grace of God.
Who’s In Charge of the Christian Blogosphere?
The age of the Internet has birthed a crisis of authority, especially for women.
Is Orality Really Effective in Sharing the Gospel?
o·ral·i·ty: the quality of being spoken or verbally communicated
21 – 40 of 4760 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 25, 2017
The Church's Three-Part Harmony
The Church's Three-Part Harmony
Why evangelical, sacramental, and Pentecostal Christians belong together in one body.
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