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Subscriber Access Only Should Pastors Stop Saying, 'the Bible Says'?
Andy Stanley challenges one of Billy Graham’s favorite phrases. Experts weigh in.
Andy Stanley: Assume People Are Biblically Illiterate (But Not Dumb)
The North Point pastor says the way we teach Scripture can undermine evangelism.
Finding Hope for an Often-Fatal Genetic Disorder
Rather than hide in pain, trisomy 18 parents take to the web to celebrate life.
My Bright Sadness
Coaching an urban youth swim team requires deeper capacities for sadness and hope.
Secondhand Suffering: The Grief We Often Overlook
As the church rallies in times of tragedy, let’s also help the helpers.As the church rallies in times of tragedy, let’s not forget to help the helpers.
The Pastor's Wife Who Went Crazy: A guest post by Heather Palacios
Heather Palacios shares about seeing the goodness of God amidst intense mental turmoil.
Subscriber Access Only An Explosion of Joy
What it means to be the apostolic church.
Good Sex Comes to Those Who Wait?
Hook-up sex v. married sex: A warning about incentivizing abstinence with personal pleasure.
Subscriber Access Only It Takes More Than a Swank Coffee Shop to Reach Millennials
Journalist-author Naomi Schaefer Riley sorts out what will draw young adults back to the faith.
Beware of Obscurantism
Christians must not obscure the gospel by seeing other issues as more important.
Faith Unsettled
Pushing beyond the easy-believism of evangelicalism.
Subscriber Access Only Carys Parker, Raised Entirely Aboard Mercy Ships, Drops Anchor
After a lifetime in West African ports, she's setting a new course at a landlocked Christian college.
Strategic Evangelism: 3 Effective Outreach Opportunities
What are some of the best times to share the gospel?
Subscriber Access Only
What Sermon Illustrations Should Be Banned From Pulpits?
Not every story helps the preaching moment. Three views.
How It Feels to Love and Hate a Sex Offender
Abusers’ families are secondary victims, left to reconcile their conflicting emotions.
From One Pastor to Another: A guest post by Mark Croston
Mark Croston reflects on the difficulty of the pastorate and the centrality of the glory.
How to Receive Criticism: 2 Types of Critics Who Can Teach You
We must be able to learn from friendly and unfriendly critics: both usually have something helpful to say.
Church Planting Resource Roundup
Want to lead your church to multiply and plant more churches, but you don't know where to start? Start here.
Subscriber Access Only 33 Under 33
Meet the Christian leaders shaping the next generation of our faith.
How the North Can Serve the South: A guest post by Edgar Aponte
Edgar Aponte shares a bit about Latin and South American Evangelicalism and how the United States can support it.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 3079 ARTICLES
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Top Story July 31, 2014
No Such Thing as 'Other People's Problems'
No Such Thing as 'Other People's Problems'
How the church can help develop a 'we' culture for the next generation.
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