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How Christians Can Observe Ramadan
A billion Muslims are fasting and seeking God. Let’s pray he comes to them.
All Good Things Must Come to an End
Every ending is a new beginning.
Am I My City’s Keeper?
Jesus served people he came to save. We should join him in that mission.
Kingdom First: Starting Churches that Shape Movements
Jeff Christopherson and Mac Lake's new book outlines the ways in which God can use individual churches to make a kingdom impact.
Kay Warren Remembers the ‘Radical Obedience’ of Elisabeth Elliot
Elliot was a spiritual mentor for a generation of Jesus Freaks.
Operation Auca: Four Years After Martyrdoms
A 1960 update on Elisabeth Elliot and her plan to bring the gospel to the Ecuadorian tribe.
Missionary Pioneer Elisabeth Elliot Passes Through Gates of Splendor
Books by widow of martyred Jim Elliot were staples in many evangelical homes.
Can a Failed Church Planter Plant Again?
Is church planter reassessment necessary after failure?
The Source of True Joy
Joy is not found in our circumstances.
The Rapid Rise of Nondenominational Christianity: My Most Recent Piece at CNN
Membership, baptism, and weekly attendance numbers are down in the largest evangelical denomination, but evangelicalism is a different story.
As Church Plants Grow, Southern Baptists Disappear
Nation’s largest Protestant group lost 200,000 members last year, biggest decline since 1881.
The True Leadership Win—Passing the Leadership Baton
Selma Wilson is the Vice President of Organization Development at LifeWay, and today she shares her wisdom on passing leadership off to others.
How to Get the Most Out of Your Life
Six keys to being more productive in life and ministry.
Former Member Accepts Acts 29 Megachurch Apology in Church Discipline Case
Matt Chandler says Village Church will review its practices
5 Essential Elements of a Transformational Small Group Environment
Small groups are essential to the church's mission of making disciples. How might they be done?
Distraction Down Under: Hillsong Drops Mark Driscoll from Conference
Debate continues over how long pastoral restoration should take.
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Names Interim President
Campus ministry's No. 2 will continue its commitment to religious freedom on college campuses and racial diversity.
Subscriber Access Only Understanding the Transgender Phenomenon
The leading Christian scholar on gender dysphoria defines the terms—and gives the church a way forward.
Subscriber Access Only
Loving My Sister-Brother
Over dinner one night, my sibling announced he was becoming a woman. And so began the greatest test of my faith.
Involving Large Church Pastors in Multiplication
Uniting small and large churches around the mission of the denomination is important.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 3566 ARTICLES
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Top Story June 29, 2015
The Poverty Fighters' Bible
The Poverty Fighters' Bible
Six years later, 'When Helping Hurts' is still shaking up the church’s approach to charity.
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