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The Streaming Roundup: November Shows and Indie Horror
Plus, more to watch this weekend.
Toward a Definition of "Religious" Cinema
A modest proposal, lowercase and capital.
Subscriber Access Only Abraham Kuyper Goes Pop
A brilliant new film series pictures how to live out our salvation.
Pugilistic Pastors
The fascinating documentary 'Fight Church' asks: Are Christianity and cage fights compatible?
The Book of Life
Visually splendid tale of myth and wonder, though not without some disappointingly modern conclusions.
White Bird in a Blizzard
The latest from YA-adaptation darling Shailene Woodley is disappointingly self-centered.
Antiheroes and Saints
Where do we get the inclination to emulate or praise our protagonists?
Chasing the Christian Movie Audience
The new art and science of reaching the fifth quadrant.
Identical Twin Sisters Growing Up Thousands of Miles Apart
A new PBS film premieres tonight and raises questions about family, fate, and culture.
The Streaming Roundup: Intellectually Engaged Christians and HBO Stand-Alones
Plus, they'll be there for you, starting in January.
The News Roundup: Superhero Casting and Harry Potter Spinoffs
Plus trailers and the (very familiar) 2015 Oscar host.
The Critics Roundup: "The Best of Me" and "The Flash"
A faster superhero show and yet another forgettable Sparks romance.
One Chance
The inspiring story of Paul Potts, the frumpy opera buff who won "Britain’s Got Talent."
What if war isn’t hell? What if it’s purgatory?
A tale told by an idiot, signifying everything.
Preachers on the Web: "Plant" and "Leaving Eden"
Two short-form web series explore the lives of ministers and congregations.
Embedded Sin and "The Honorable Woman"
A show that explores the Middle East conflict, and a whole lot more.
A film about art, discipline, and the benefits of someone who cracks the whip.
The News Roundup: More “Meatballs” and An All-Female “Ghostbusters”
Plus a bunch of trailers and Yahoo! gets into TV.
The Streaming Roundup: All the Scary Movies and Kid Flicks
Plus, keep up with The Flash and find Forrester.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 2717 ARTICLES
Sort by:
page:123...136Next >
Grace in a Strip Bar
Grace in a Strip Bar
Being a friend of sinners with discernment and love.
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