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The Word, the Flesh, and the Biblical Epic
What do we do with biblical epics in light of Scripture?
The Drop Box
It doesn’t prove that these kids are worthwhile; it just shows that they are, and that's what's beautiful.
Maps to the Stars
A well-acted but excessively bleak satire of the Hollywood echo chamber.
The Long Tail: ‘Love Me,’ ‘Traitors’ and ‘The Widowmaker’
Global takes on stories about hookers, wannabe punk rockers, and . . . coronary artery scanning?
How HGTV Built a Network on Redemption Stories
The real reason we get hooked watching home renovations.
The Critics’ Roundup: The Oscars and ‘Parks and Recreation’
This week, people were bored by the Oscars and bid farewell to a beloved sitcom.
Lies that lead to happy endings? It's the kind of con that only happens at the movies.
Why I Wish Selma Had Won Best Picture
Even without awards, this movie has the power to transform.
McFarland, USA
Inspirational sports film mostly hits the mark. But they’ve got the wrong villain.
The Critics' Roundup: 'The Slap' and 'Kingsman'
The critics aren't in agreement about two twice-over remakes, one on TV and one at the movies.
Something, Anything: An Interview with Paul Harrill
The director of 'Something, Anything' talks about making a movie, shooting at a monastery, and telling stories about faith, doubt, and journeys.
Pagan Trash Or Provocative Treasure?
The History Channel’s 'Vikings' series has stirred debate among Christians.
The Prophetic Voice of Leslie Knope
What 'Parks and Rec' teaches us about loving people and place.
In Praise of Slow Opinions
Come on, guys.
‘Fresh’ Faces: When Families Like Mine Go Primetime
How TV diversity reflects the imago Dei.
Jupiter Ascending
An overstuffed response to the more fantastical instances of the Marvel franchise.
Seventh Son
Isn’t it a little early to be rebooting 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters?'
The Long Tail: ‘Last Days in Vietnam’ and ‘Rocks in My Pockets’
Two documentaries that take an imaginative look at difficult issues: Vietnam and depression.
The Sympathetic Doomsday Cult Leader
'Afflict the comfortable, and comfort the afflicted,' says indie director Joshua Overbay.
A Different Look at ‘Transparent’
Other people see a pioneering portrayal of the trans experience. I see the rawness of family love.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 2799 ARTICLES
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