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The Identical
A faith-based film with good music. And little else.
Bad Preachers and the 'Hand of God'
Let's stop missing the point.
20 Truths from The Stories We Tell by Mike Cosper
Mike Cosper on the way story plays in to who God is and what Jesus has done.
The News Roundup
'Doctor Strange' casting rumors, more YA adaptations, David Hyde Pierce on 'The Good Wife', and more.
The Streaming Roundup
What to watch this weekend: science, squirrels, Rocky, and a cheeky web-based Frankenstein remake.
Desire and Deliverance
Three new documentaries examine Christian faith, homosexuality, and the question of change.
The Oldest Story: Broadchurch and True Detective
Sometimes I'm not at fault, but I'm still part of the problem.
The Leftovers: It’s Not Enough
The before, a lot like the after.
Life After Beth
Don't ask too many questions of this zombie movie.
When the Game Stands Tall
An inspirational high school football movie in which even the clichés ring true . . . because it all really happened.
Time's Up
The anti-Eucharist and a coming day of terror in this week's episode of "The Leftovers."
Cinema's Nostalgia-Fest
Why 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' didn't have to be a terrible movie (though it was).
Not Another Celebrity Death Post
How to grieve in a social media world.
Thou Desirest Truth in the Inmost Parts
And if it's there, it will eat you alive.
The Giver
It isn’t really a narrative that adapts well, because it isn’t really a narrative at all.
'The Giver' Keeps Giving
The case for not ignoring outrageous truth.
One Fate For All Men
Or not.
The Hundred Foot Journey
The most unexpected combinations (in love and in food) can be quite surprising.
Getting the (Romantic) Comedy Right
We forget what comedies are actually about (spoiler alert: it's not humor).
The Quick Take for August 1, 2014
What the critics are saying about the mystical, whimsical "Magic in the Moonlight" and "Mood Indigo."
Displaying 21 – 40 of 2651 ARTICLES
Sort by:
page:123...133Next >
Study: Where Are the Women Leading Evangelical Organizations?
Study: Where Are the Women Leading Evangelical Organizations?
That's the mystery the Gender Parity Project, whose results debut this weekend, sets out to solve.
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