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Holy Week, Batman!
You won’t see a more hamfisted, muddled movie about Christ’s crucifixion (and superheroes) than “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”
Even Tyler Perry Can't Improve on the Greatest Story Ever Told
Why the passion of Jesus Christ doesn't need to be contextualized.
Watching Wendell Berry, The Mad Farmer
"The Seer," a documentary about the poet, writer, and farmer, premiered at SXSW this weekend.
There Are Monsters Everywhere In '10 Cloverfield Lane'
The “spiritual successor” to “Cloverfield” is a different kind of monster movie, a satisfying thrill ride with a subtle story of empowerment.
Why We Keep the Legend of Bonnie and Clyde Alive
A re-release of Kelly Reichardt’s 1994 ‘River of Grass’ once again raises the question: why do filmmakers keep retelling the story of a couple on a murder spree?
The Hard Work of Making Anne Rice’s Jesus Book into a Movie
How 'Christ the Lord' Became 'The Young Messiah'
When God Calls You to Leave the Art World
Lilias Trotter could have been a famous painter. Instead, she chose to travel with two other single women to preach the gospel in Algeria. Why?
Dispatch from True/False—'The Illinois Parables'
A set of eleven experimental parables illuminate a state's history and anxieties.
Dispatch from True/False—'Weiner'
The disgraced politician gives unprecedented access to a pair of documentarians, with rollicking results.
The Christians, the Soviets, and the Bible
‘The Americans’ has handled Christianity in a way unlike almost any other show. What’s going on?
Why I Quit Watching ‘Downton Abbey’
This isn’t just a pretty period drama. It’s a show about terror.
Knight of Cups and the Spirituality of Sleaze
In his seventh film, Terrence Malick explores spiritual struggle amidst the stargazing seductions of the City of Angels.
Q+A with Oscar Nominee: What’s So Funny About the West Bank?
Basil Khalil’s irreverent and insightful ‘Ave Maria’ sheds light on Arab Christians.
Did Will Smith Deserve an Oscar Nomination?
How do we judge good acting? And why does it matter?
Contact With Mystery
On Cormac McCarthy, Flannery O’Connor, and what 'The Revenant' misses on purpose.
Mavis Staples: Voice of Joy and Justice
The new HBO documentary “Mavis!” takes a look at the woman who has lent her distinct voice to the cause of love for more than six decades.
Puppets and Predestination
Charlie Kaufman's stories are curiously devoid of religion but loaded with religious concerns.
10 Obscure Gospel Moments Most Jesus Films Miss
A look at commonly neglected gospel stories and films that depict them.
Searching for the Exit in ‘The Twilight Zone’
Not only is the classic sci-fi show entertaining—it has a fascinating take on the afterlife.
Dispatch from Berlinale—‘Zero Days’
A compelling and essential documentary about worms, terrorism, cyber warfare, and Stuxnet.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 3000 ARTICLES
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Top Story May 31, 2016
Coming Out at Wheaton College
What It’s Like to Be Gay at Wheaton College
The evangelical university has received negative press on LGBT matters. My own experience paints a different picture.
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