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What Do We Make of '90 Minutes in Heaven'?
Near-death experiences make for popular books and movies. But what should Christians do with them?
'Rectify' Shows Integrity in the Age of the Anti-Hero
Why some critics are calling the Sundance TV series "true Christian art."
Lazy Writing, Cheap Restoration
Christian films like 'War Room' are getting better, but they still lag in quality in one important area.
Subscriber Access Only 'Annie' and the Big Issues
Movies can do so much more than advertise products and give us a jolt of personal-fulfillment feel-goods. But not this one.
Subscriber Access Only Embedded Sin and 'The Honorable Woman'
A show that explores the Middle East conflict, and a whole lot more.
Subscriber Access Only Desire and Deliverance
Three new documentaries examine Christian faith, homosexuality, and the question of change.
Subscriber Access Only Cinema's Nostalgia-Fest
Why 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' didn't have to be a terrible movie (though it was).
Subscriber Access Only The Exclusion of 'Belle'
What the historical adaptation missed - and why it matters.
Subscriber Access Only The New Masters of the Universe
The HBO Show 'Silicon Valley' deftly pops through the bubbles of arrogance in the new tech economy.
Subscriber Access Only Spotlight on Ordinary Heroes: Full Frame 2014
We report from the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2014 and talk to the directors of some of the most important films.
Subscriber Access Only The Genesis of 'Noah'
Darren Aronofsky's blockbuster is hardly the first big-screen adaptation of the story. How does it compare to the others?
Subscriber Access Only Wes Anderson: King of Empathy
The quirky director beckons us to sit, stop, and just listen.
Subscriber Access Only Telling Stories: Documentaries and St. Augustine
What does 2013's crop of documentaries have to do with the first memoir?
Subscriber Access Only 2013 Movie Picks: Alissa Wilkinson
CT's chief film critic's picks, including a movie about the foster care system and one that takes on the Harry and Sally question.
Subscriber Access Only 2013 Movie Picks: Tim Wainwright
A journey, a rom-com, a dark comedy, a thriller, a horror film, and a movie about Linda Lovelace.
Subscriber Access Only 2013 Movie Picks: Brett McCracken
Complex examinations of evil and movies about growing up.
Subscriber Access Only 2013 Movie Picks: Kenneth R. Morefield
A tearjerker, an overlooked documentary, a feel-good film, and movies that make us stop and think.
Subscriber Access Only 2013 Movie Picks: Jackson Cuidon
Movies about family and coming of age, and one that will make you jump.
Subscriber Access Only 2013 Movie Picks: Nick Olson
Movies that tell truth - about social history, relationships, and more - through documentary, animation, biography, and fiction.
Subscriber Access Only 2013 Movie Picks: Mark Moring
Zombies, boats, pirates, Calvin & Hobbes, tales of Nazi Germany, and Matthew McConaughey.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 271 ARTICLES
Sort by:
Why Our Body Destroys Itself
Why Our Body Destroys Itself
The science and spirituality behind the latest Nobel Prize in medicine.
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