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Subscriber Access Only Wilberforce Amazes; Film Forum Moves On
In Film Forum's final week at CT Movies, Jeffrey Overstreet reflects on the column's seven-year run. Plus: Wilberforce's testimony dazzles us in Amazing Grace, but The Astronaut Farmer, The Number 23, and Reno 911: Miami are disappointing.
Subscriber Access Only A Fine Bridge, a Campy Cage, and a Conflicted Catholic
What did Christian film critics make of the new family film Bridge to Terabithia, hellish comic book hero (played by Nicolas Cage) in Ghost Rider, or the conflicted Catholic criminal of Breach? What did they think? Find out, along with more reviews of Music and Lyrics and Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls.
Subscriber Access Only Sin Eater "Mediocre"; Norbit, Hannibal Awful
The Last Sin Eater gets some thumbs up, some down; Norbit's naughty; and Hannibal Rising falls flat on its own masked face. Plus, Factory Girl and Breaking and Entering.
Subscriber Access Only Messengers' Message Mixed
Christian critics weigh in on The Messengers, Because I Said So, Factory Girl, Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple, and more.
Subscriber Access Only Epic? Not This Crass Movie
Christian critics weigh in on Epic Movie, Smokin' Aces, Catch and Release, Blood and Chocolate, and Seraphim Falls. Plus, more reviews of Alpha Dog, Family Law, and a few Academy Award nominees.
Subscriber Access Only A Memorable Trip to the Emergency Room
The Death of Mr. Lazarescu wins year-end raves, but who saw it? Plus, reviews of God Grew Tired of Us, The Hitcher, and additional reviews of Pan's Labyrinth, Miss Potter, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Good German, Thr3e, and Primeval.
Subscriber Access Only Miss Potter charms Christian critics
Christian film reviewers recommend Miss Potter and, to a lesser degree, Stomp the Yard. They also weigh in on Alpha Dog, Notes on a Scandal, Primeval, and Arthur and Invisibles. Plus, more views on Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Freedom Writers, The Queen, Children of Men, Venus, The Painted Veil, and Code Name: The Cleaner, and a comparison of Stranger than Fiction and Facing the Giants.
Subscriber Access Only Thr3e Thumbs Down for 'Christian Thriller'
Christian film critics are frustrated by Thr3e, but inspired by Freedom Writers. Plus, reviews of Venus, Happily N'Ever After, The Painted Veil, and Code Name: The Cleaner.
Subscriber Access Only Dreamgirls, Children, Iwo Jima and more
Christian critics consider Dreamgirls, Children of Men, Letters from Iwo Jima, Pan's Labyrinth, We Are Marshall, The Good Shepherd, and Night at the Museum. Plus, new reviews of Rocky Balboa, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Charlotte's Web.
Subscriber Access Only Charlotte, Rocky, Happyness Shine; Eragon Fizzles
Charlotte's Web is a good family film, Rocky Balboa makes a successful return, The Pursuit of Happyness is an admirable father/son tale, and Eragon ...well, let's just say that this dragon has no fire.
Subscriber Access Only Apocalypto, Blood Diamond "Relentlessly Violent"
Will Mel Gibson's Apocalypto disappoint his Christian fans? Religious critics disagree about the movie. Plus, Blood Diamond, The Holiday, and Unaccompanied Minors.
Subscriber Access Only Nativity Story Delights Some, Disappoints Others
Christian film critics have mixed feelings about Catherine Hardwicke's The Nativity Story. Plus, For Your Consideration, Volver, Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj, and Turistas.
Subscriber Access Only Will Ferrell Profound? Inspiring? Yup.
Christian film critics are moved and inspired by Stranger Than Fiction, but not so pleased with A Good Year. Plus, The Return, Harsh Times, the debut of "The Movie Gourmet," and more reviews of Babel.
Subscriber Access Only Borat, Babel Bothersome; Flushed Fun
Christian critics are upset over Borat, mixed about Babel, but having fun with Flushed Away. Also, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, The Great Warming, and further perspectives on Little Children, Marie Antoinette, The Prestige, and Flags of Our Fathers.
Subscriber Access Only When Grownups Act Like Little Children
Little Children is getting great reviews, but is it showing anywhere? Plus, Catch a Fire, Conversations with God, Saw III, Running with Scissors, and more reviews of Flags of Our Fathers and Marie Antoinette.
Subscriber Access Only Marines, Magic, Marie, and a Mustang
Christian film critics have mixed feelings about Flags of Our Fathers, The Prestige, Flicka, Marie Antoinette, and Infamous. Plus, the return of The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Subscriber Access Only One Night with the King ...and The Queen
Christian film critics are divided over One Night with the King, but they crown The Queen a winner. Plus, Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker, Man of the Year, Driving Lessons, The Marine, and The Grudge 2.
Subscriber Access Only DiCaprio + Damon + Depravity + Departed
Christian film critics on The Departed, 49 Up, The Last King of Scotland, Employee of the Month, Love's Abiding Joy, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. Plus, additional views on Jackass 2, Jesus Camp, and, 25 years later, Chariots of Fire.
Subscriber Access Only Critics Face Giants ...and Each Other
Christian film critics clash over Facing the Giants, praise The Science of Sleep, and review The Guardian, Open Season, and School for Scoundrels. Plus, a new review of Half Nelson.
Subscriber Access Only King's Men Coulda Been a Contender
Christian critics examine All the King's Men, Jet Li's Fearless, Flyboys, Half Nelson, and Jackass: Number Two, and offer more perspective on Everyone's Hero and The Last Kiss.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 270 ARTICLES
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The Three Myths of Cohabitation
The Three Myths of Cohabitation
Sociologist Bradford Wilcox reports the surprising results of his new international study on cohabitation and its impact on kids.
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