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Life Lessons From Zombies
The undead can teach us a lot about ourselves, says a writer from SyFy’s new 'Z Nation.'
'The Virgins' Are On Their Way
Matt Wilson never stopped wanting to make a movie about Christians. Just not a 'Christian' movie.
Prayer, Dark Mysticism, and Flannery: A Conversation with Scott Derrickson
The director of 'Deliver Us From Evil'—and Marvel's pick for 'Dr. Strange'—talks about faith, evil, and why he makes horror movies.
Darren Aronofsky Talks to CT about 'Noah'
Raised culturally Jewish, the independent filmmaker has created a midrash for the big screen.
Q&A: Israel Houghton and Galley Molina on 'I'm In Love With a Church Girl'
A worship artist and a reformed drug lord join forces to proclaim grace.
Preachers of L.A.'s Jay Haizlip: 'It's Going to Be Phenomenal for the Church.'
Pro skater-turned-pastor discusses the show's faith, lifestyles, and spotlight.
Tony Hale: 'Embrace Where You're At'
The beloved actor—and recent Emmy winner—talks to CT about 'Veep,' Buster Bluth, and advice for young Christians trying to make it in the entertainment business.
From Survivor and Touched by an Angel to the Bible
Mark Burnett and Roma Downey talk about their new 'epic series' that puts the Bible on the screen.
How 'Two and a Half Men' Star Became a 'Paid Hypocrite'
Angus T. Jones explains the conversion that led him to denounce his CBS sitcom as 'filth.'
Mira Sorvino: Saving Sex Slaves
The Oscar winner fights against human trafficking, and has a new movie to raise awareness.
Jeff Foxworthy: 'You Know I'm an Idiot'
Comedian says he felt God's call to host new game show, 'The American Bible Challenge.'
Are Blacks Still Enslaved?
The host of a controversial new documentary doesn't hesitate to make the comparison.
Horton Foote's Daughter: 'He Was the Great American Writer'
On the 50th anniversary of 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' Hallie Foote remembers her dad.
Brian Presley Responds to Twitter Claims: 'It Didn’t Happen, but I Don't Want to Sling it Back'
Actor speaks for the first time about his now-famous red-eye flight and the tweets that lit up the internet.
Bo Duke Grows Up
John Schneider found Jesus after 'Hazzard,' and now stars in a string of faith-based films.
Interview: Why Jane Goodall Thinks Chimps May Have Souls
The world's foremost expert says chimpanzees may even have a kind of spiritual awareness.
'Clean Up. Or Die.' A Q & A With Touchback’s Brian Presley
So doctors told the actor after years of abusing alcohol. He chose the former.
Subscriber Access OnlyBecoming Donald Miller
Marshall Allman plays the author of 'Blue Like Jazz.'
'Blue Like Jazz': Becoming Donald Miller
Marshall Allman plays the author in the upcoming film adaptation of the famous book.
Kirk Cameron's 'Monumental' Issues
Actor defends his comments to CNN about gays while talking up his new documentary.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 218 ARTICLES
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Top Story March 29, 2015
The Dance of Suffering and Love
The Dance of Suffering and Love
What to do with our grief for the world.
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