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  • Chasing the Christian Movie Audience
    Image: 20th Century Fox
    Chasing the Christian Movie Audience
    The new art and science of reaching the fifth quadrant.
  • Antiheroes and Saints
    Antiheroes and Saints
    Where do we get the inclination to emulate or praise our protagonists?
  • Birdman
    Image: Fox Searchlight
    A tale told by an idiot, signifying everything.
  • Fury
    Image: Columbia Pictures
    What if war isn’t hell? What if it’s purgatory?

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3½ Stars - Good
The Book of LifeThe Book of Life
2½ Stars - Fair
One ChanceOne Chance
3 Stars - Good
Rated PG-13
3½ Stars - Good
Rated R
3½ Stars - Good
Rated R


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  • 'Dolphin Tale 2' puts faith in Christian marketing | Tampa Bay Times
    Pitching such movies to Christians is a smart, obvious move. What is interesting on Grace Hill Media's website is the amount of secular cinema the agency markets to the faithful, movies like Walk the Line, The Notebook and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, containing what is construed as inspirational meaning.
  • Essay: Confessions of a Christian film critic
    "I don’t make a habit of professing my faith in my writing — a reticence I chalk up to denomination and profession." (The Washington Post)

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Saying Goodbye for Good
Saying Goodbye for Good
How to bid farewell as though our bodies mattered.
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