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Happy Anniversary, B-3
How the Hammond Organ transformed gospel music.
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Forgive Us Our Debts: Family Christian Turns to the Law for Grace
The Bible debate inside the bankrupt bookstore chain's searches for a new buyer.
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The Best Worship Music You Won't Hear on Christian Radio
It's like finding needles in a hymnstack.
How Not to Listen to the New Sufjan Stevens Album
Can we avoid turning the Brooklyn-based artist and Christian into a poster boy?
Subscriber Access Only The Religious Roots of Protest
How justice movements have co-opted the church’s music.
Subscriber Access Only Remembering Andrae Crouch, Dead at 72
The gospel music legend combined Saturday night with Sunday morning.
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The Alternative Music Label That Shaped Evangelical Culture
Tooth & Nail Records let Christian teenagers be both safe and subversive.
Subscriber Access Only What Does It Mean to Be Black-ish?
How “exceptional” African Americans still bolster our stereotypes.
Subscriber Access Only Why I Stopped Hating Christian Music
It's easy to hate on Christian music, but Christian musicians often find themselves in impossible terrain.
Subscriber Access Only Bringing Booty Back
Finding the right reasons for self-acceptance amid a body-positive music boom.
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Where Are the Female Christian Rappers?
As more women top the charts, their Christian counterparts struggle to break through.
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Singer in the City
An enchanting voice out of New York’s Redeemer Church, Melanie Penn finds herself in her music, her church, and her city.
Subscriber Access Only Crowder Goes Hog Wild
"Neon Steeple" is a throwback and a step forward at the same time.
Subscriber Access Only Beyoncé Vs. the Bible
Was her sexy Grammy performance with Jay-Z actually good for marriage?
Subscriber Access Only Let There Be Arcade Fire
The famous indie rock band reinvents itself in search of another 'passionate age.'
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Chris Tomlin: On Top of the World
The most-sung artist in music history opens up about worship, justice, humility, and leading people to experience God on the most successful tour of his career.
Subscriber Access Only The Legacy of Rich Mullins's Ragamuffin Band
Producer Reed Arvin remembers the fearless, soulful musician whose music challenged and transcended Christian pop.
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Jason Harrod: Singing Between Doubt and Belief for 20 Years
The folk singer-songwriter writes about faith after the 'mountaintop experiences.'
Subscriber Access Only Can NoiseTrade's Free Downloads Still Save Music?
Why Derek Webb thinks his 6-year-old music site still beats the streaming services.
Subscriber Access Only Derek Webb Grows Up
How the embattled songwriter made his way to musical maturity.
Displaying 21 – 40 of 1545 ARTICLES
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They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Drinks
They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Drinks
In the Muslim world, Christians have a complicated relationship with alcohol.
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