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Church Life
Interactive Chart of Decades-old Usher Hand Signals
Church ushers still use the "National Silent Uniform System", developed in the 1940s, to communicate with each other during church services. (NYT)
Church ushers use hand signal codes
Ushers use hand signals that were developed in the 1940s and are still used and taught at a convention.
Christian Post interviews Elevation Church about spontaneous baptisms
"So when we do them (baptisms), the tanks are all outside, the changing areas are all outside, we rent huge tents, people don't know where to go so we've gotta have volunteers to lead the way so that people know which direction to go." (Christian Post)
Church 'is on the brink of extinction': Ex-Archbishop George Carey warns of Christianity crisis
Former head of Church of England warns it could be just one generation away from extinction (The Daily Mail)
NYT talks to Sarah Young
Sarah Young defends her books using Jesus in the first person.
Churches Take a Stand on Pews, Replacing Them With Chairs
Congregations see shift as versatile, modern; Asking unchurched youths to have a seat (The Wall Street Journal)
New trend: pastors working for free
Some see unpaid pastors as the future of the church.
Holyoke police investigating armed robbery at church service
Police are investigating an armed robbery during which a masked man interrupted a church service to steal from the worshipers. (The Republican, Mass.)
Back to church Sunday draws 21,000 churches
Back to Church Sunday, happening Sept. 15, is continuing to gain national momentum.
Cowboy Church: With Rodeo Arena, They 'Do Church Different'
We're still doing these stories, huh? (All Things Considered, NPR)
I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend
I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend
Couples need more than just each other.
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