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Montessori Schools Surge in Popularity Among New Generation of Jewish Parents -
"Arguing that the traditional Jewish day-school model they grew up with is outmoded and too clannish for 21st-century Judaism, a new generation of parents and educators are flocking to Montessori preschools and elementary schools that combine secular studies with Torah and Hebrew lessons."
Evolution debate again engulfs Texas board
The Board of Education extended preliminary approval of new science books for use in classrooms across the state but held up one biology text because of alleged factual errors. (Associated Press)
Supreme Court rules firing justified for teacher accused of advancing religion in classroom
But the court held that the district’s orders that he put away the personal Bible he kept on his desk violated his First Amendment rights of freedom of religion and therefore would not have been sufficient cause to fire him. (The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Oh.)
Amid Questions, Town Welcomes a New College
Local support for a new Christian college in Dutchess County, north of New York City, is strong, despite the release of a unflattering article about its founder, David Jang. (The New York Times)
The Religious Dorm at the Public University
At Troy University in Alabama, a new residence hall caters to students who want an experience infused with religion, but some scholars see a conflict with the Constitution. (The New York Times)
The Promise of Religious Colleges
Though they may seem vulnerable amid the threats of higher ed "disruption," this time could be a propitious one for America's colleges of faith (Thomas Albert Howard, Inside Higher Ed)
Charter Schools in Churches a Focus of Praise, Concerns
Charter schools with ties to faith-based organizations have cropped up across Texas. Proponents say that's a result of smart budgeting, but critics have concerns about oversight and worry that faith-based instruction could enter some classrooms. (The Texas Tribune)
As Spain's people drift from Catholic Church, government cozies up
Spain's conservative government is considering dramatic restrictions on abortion and has already increase the Catholic Church's role in education, revealing a divided society. (CSM)
School prayer: 50 years after the ban, God and faith more present than ever
A three-part cover story on the state of school prayer. (
Supreme Court ruling 50 years ago set modern course for religion in public schools
Despite a popular perception that the 8-1 decision ripped religion out of public schools by banning the ceremonial reading of Bible verses, prominent First Amendment scholars and educators say Abington v. Schempp marked a rare consensus among conservative and liberal justices that actually provided a framework for allowing religion into the public school curriculum. (Deseret News)
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