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Evangelist-turned-CEO now ‘a vagabond’ as mining dreams evaporate
Len Lindstrom went from globetrotting evangelist to mining executive to broke (CBC)
Abortion battle over Amendment 1 draws big money
Ballot measure would remove abortion protections from the state’s constitution (The Tennessean)
The Hobby Lobby Backlash Hits Whole Foods
A movement is underway to tell the grocer to drop Eden Foods, which seeks to quit covering all birth control and preventative services for its employees. (The Daily Beast)
Tyler Perry Wins 'What Would Jesus Do' Trademark Battle
His opponent at the Trademark Office was a reality TV star who registered first and claimed she had introduced him to the title of a proposed show. She still lost.(Hollywood Reporter)
No, Contraception Coverage Does Not Usually Pay for Itself
Evidence is thin that, from an insurer's perspective, contraceptive coverage pays for itself in the long term. Moreover, it almost certainly does not in the short. (The Upshot, The New York Times)
Christian college, weathering unexpected $1.5 million cash sortage, prays for donations
After employees at Emmanuel College concealed financial problems from the institution’s president and Board of Regents, the college has turned to itsthe International Pentecostal Holiness Church to raise enough money to survive the summer (Inside Higher Ed)
Save like Dave Ramsey...just don't invest like him
Radio giant Dave Ramsey knows debt and savings, but some of his advice drives pros nuts. (Money Magazine)
An Invention That Marinated for 19 Years
“I don’t have a cookbook,” she said. “God gives me my own.” Prayer is “where I get 99 percent of my recipes.” (The New York Times)
Friendship Baptist Church agrees to sell for stadium
The deal will net the 151-year-old church $19.5 million, to be paid for by the Atlanta Falcons (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Designer hijabs, brought to you by Christians
The US-born founders of, based in Jordan, saw a great opportunity amid Amman's burgeoning entrepreneur scene. (CSM)
Grace in a Strip Bar
Grace in a Strip Bar
Being a friend of sinners with discernment and love.
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