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Save like Dave Ramsey...just don't invest like him
Radio giant Dave Ramsey knows debt and savings, but some of his advice drives pros nuts. (Money Magazine)
An Invention That Marinated for 19 Years
“I don’t have a cookbook,” she said. “God gives me my own.” Prayer is “where I get 99 percent of my recipes.” (The New York Times)
Friendship Baptist Church agrees to sell for stadium
The deal will net the 151-year-old church $19.5 million, to be paid for by the Atlanta Falcons (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Designer hijabs, brought to you by Christians
The US-born founders of, based in Jordan, saw a great opportunity amid Amman's burgeoning entrepreneur scene. (CSM)
At Christian Companies, Religious Principles Complement Business Practices
No objection to burger-wrapper or shopping-bag evangelism. But the businesses that behave in the most Christian manner may not have visible marketing plans. (NYT)
Two Paths for Charitable Giving - From the Head or From the Heart
Is it better to give in response to an emotional need or based on how effective the contribution will be?
A More Secular Europe, Divided by the Cross
A commemorative euro coin with Christian imagery became the latest source of discord between the profoundly religious and those who prize a more rigid church-state divide. (The New York Times)
Google tax whistleblower says he was motivated by Christian beliefs
Barney Jones may have damaged his career but has no regrets. "I believe that Jesus will hold us accountable for the good and bad we have done." (Guardian)
Zondervan Launches New YA Imprint
Blink is designed for the general trade, not the Christian market (Publishers Weekly)
God and the Profits: Religious Liberty for Money-Makers
The Bible says “You cannot serve both God and mammon.” The Constitution doesn’t. (Public Discourse)
Top Story April 16, 2014
Heaven Is For Real
Heaven Is For Real
A toddler’s report that he has visited heaven is met with skepticism from everyone but his father.
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