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Donald Trump Sets His Sights on Black Evangelicals - Bloomberg Politics
“It's rare for a Republican candidate to reach out to the black community,” Boynton said. “So who cares if it's an endorsement or a meeting? Mr. Trump's attempt in and of itself is honorable. It's a chance for black leaders to tell a leading candidate exactly what we care about.”
Ben Carson’s Church: We’re Glad He’s Not Here
The candidate has stopped making his regular church visits and the Seventh-day Adventists, who believe the End of Times is coming, are happy for him to keep his distance. (Daily Beast)
Abigail Disney Builds a Dialogue on Gun Control
In “The Armor of Light,” Ms. Disney asks evangelicals to reconsider their pro-gun stand on moral grounds. (The New York Times)
GOP candidates make pitches to evangelical voters
The forum at 40,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church near Dallas was one of the largest faith-based political gatherings of the 2016 presidential campaign thus far. (The Washington Post)
Pastors Eye A Move From God's House To The Statehouse : It's All Politics : NPR
"Our goal is for them to discern whether God is calling them," Lane said in an interview. "We actually have no interest in them running unless they have a calling from God." But he and others urge the pastors at a minimum to mobilize their congregants politically.
Opinion: ACLU: Why we can no longer support the federal ‘religious freedom’ law
Religious liberty doesn’t mean the right to discriminate or to impose one’s views on others (Louise Melling, The Washington Post)
The Mystery of the Missing Evangelicals - Washington Wire - WSJ
The flip-side of that same analysis suggests that GOP’s bigger vote problems actually lie on the other side of the spectrum, counties with smaller evangelical populations. Mr. Romney suffered steep declines in his vote tally from the counties with the smallest percentage evangelical adherents, more than one standard deviation below the norm for evangelical population.
Evangelicals Want Bush Challenger, But GOP Won't Help Their Cause | The New Republic
The romantic alliance that was sold to Evangelicals when the Moral Majority helped deliver Ronald Reagan to the White House appears finally to have unraveled altogether.
An Ethnic Chinese Christian, Breaking Barriers in Indonesia - The New York Times
A former mining consultant, Mr. Basuki first ran for office in 2005, winning a local election on his native island of Belitung, off the southeast coast of Sumatra, in a district where 93 percent of the voters were Muslim. “I asked them why they wanted me to run, because I am of Chinese descent and a Christian,” he recalled of the local residents who approached him. “They said, ‘We don’t care — we know who you are. We know your character.’ ”
The Protestant Mainline Goes to Washington | Religion & Politics
When the Johnson Amendment passed in 1954—the amendment that was the target of the recent Pulpit Freedom Sunday—it was in the context of the political mobilization of mainline Protestants, not evangelicals.
Special Report: Will Success Spoil Cuba’s Revival?
Special Report: Will Success Spoil Cuba’s Revival?
With relaxed travel rules, Cuban leaders wonder whether Americans will dampen their churches’ zeal.
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