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In Indonesia, Political Islam Is Struggling to Win Votes
Just ahead of Wednesday’s national legislative elections, polls and analysts suggest that Islamic-based parties are poised for what could be their worst showing since Indonesia’s democratic era began in 1999. (WorldWide Religious News)
Tiny Church Intervenes In Freedom From Religion Foundation's Most Pointless Case -
"Some churches have been like daring the IRS, or maybe even double daring , if not triple dawg daring the IRS to do something about it." (Forbes)
Anti-Abortion Forces Reassess Their Tactics After Ballot Defeat in Albuquerque
One strategy turned on the mistaken belief that Hispanics, who make up almost half the population in the New Mexico city, would be receptive to the referendum (The New York Times)
Church Plays Down Top Cleric's 'Politicians in Hell' Sermon
The Russian Orthodox Church on Thursday played down a senior cleric's call for lying politicians to be damned to hell, saying it was meant as nothing more than spiritual guidance (Ria Novosti, Russia)
NAACP adds churches, others to NC elections lawsuit
The churches contended they would have to divert money for food banks, computer classes and other social-service programs to help get members who need assistance to the polls and proper locations for IDs and supporting documentation (The News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C.)
Single Mothers With Family Values
A quarter of single mothers vote Republican. Who are they? (Molly Worthen, The New York Times)
Obama nurtures his faith away from the spotlight
far away from the public eye, his longtime advisers say, the president has carefully nurtured a sense of spirituality that has served as a grounding mechanism during turbulent times (Associated Press)
Phill Kline is indefinitely suspended from practicing law
The disciplinary action that led to Friday’s order arose from Kline’s investigation of abortion clinics while he was attorney general, and from his handling of a grand jury proceeding while Johnson County’s district attorney (The Kansas City Star)
Mayoral Race Threatens to Shake Up Tradition Where Jesus Grew Up
Ramiz Jaraisi, the Christian mayor of this largely Muslim city, which depends on tourism generated by its past, has been in office for 20 years, but some say it is time for change. (The New York Times)
In Conversation: Antonin Scalia
Scalia talks about The Screwtape Letters and believing in the devil in an interview with New York magazine.
Top Story April 24, 2014
You Probably Love (or Hate) 'Heaven Is For Real' for All the Wrong Reasons
You Probably Love (or Hate) 'Heaven Is For Real' for All the Wrong Reasons
It's not a travel guide. And Colton Burpo isn't the first Christian to have an ecstatic experience.
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