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Greek New Testament Papyrus Is Discovered on eBay
The credit-card-size fragment is believed to contain about six lines of the Gospel of John on one side and an unidentified Christian text on the other. (The New York Times)
Public exhibit of St. Peter relics revives debate
Are the bones really his? (Associated Press)
Scientific vandalism: How the IAA and Israeli Police Wrecked the James Ossuary
The red smear left by the application of silicon by the Israel Police Forensics Laboratory in their fruitless attempt to prove forgery has contaminated the word "Yeshua" (Jesus) inscribed on the ossuary and destroyed much of the little patina that remained (Matthew Kalman, James Ossuary Trial)
The Bible in the Bird's Nest
Owning the Good Book in North Korea can have fatal consequences. (Melanie Kirkpatrick, The Wall Street Journal)
Damon Lindelof Is Officially Back on TV to Shoot Post-Rapture America
HBO has put in a 10-episode full-season order for The Leftovers, Lindelof's adaptation of Tom Perrotta's 2011 novel about people left behind on an increasingly cracked-out earth after the Rapture. (Grantland)
Morocco actor amused by Satan-Obama comparisons
With gray hair pulled back in a ponytail, an expressive face and a slim Errol Flynn-style pencil mustache, Mehdi Ouazzani doesn't look a great deal like America's 44th president — but then he doesn't resemble a stereotypical Satan very much either (Associated Press)
A Book Doctor in Dallas Patches Up Well-Loved Bibles
The Bibles that Candice McKay repairs can be the marked-up ones of regular churchgoers or ones old enough to have palm leaves stuck in them from when Grover Cleveland was president (The New York Times)
Why It’s Not Always Good to Forgive
How difficult is it, or should it be, to achieve redemption after a breach of trust? (The New York Times)
Dig Finds Evidence Of Another Bethlehem
Israeli archaeologists now say there is strong evidence that Christ was born in a different Bethlehem, a small village in the Galilee. (NPR)
Book Review: Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives
The salvation we yearn for is not simply a truce, with some economic prosperity, but the healing of our very selves, says Pope Benedict's newest book. (Anthony Esolen, The Wall Street Journal)
An Ambassador to the ‘Spiritual but Not Religious’
An Ambassador to the ‘Spiritual but Not Religious’
Why David Dark thinks it’s a mistake to reject the R-word.
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