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A Town, if Not a Painting, Is Restored
Grief at a botched retouching of a church fresco has turned to gratitude for divine intervention — the blessing of free publicity — that has made Borja, Spain, a magnet for thousands of curious tourists. (The New York Times)
Getting Back to the Garden (of Eden)
Biblical art museum bites into forbidden fruit (Forward)
Terry Eagleton: A Late-Life Return to Religion
In his new book, Culture and the Death of God (Yale, Mar.), Eagleton goes beyond his critique of the New Atheism to illustrate the ways in which theology raises foundational questions in a culture where political science, linguistic philosophy, and positivist science have run away from such questions.
Rick Santorum steps out in new role as movie mogul
"We'll see where we are a year from now. But in the meantime, I am all in with this (movie-making) and we'll see how it goes."
A Direct Line to God, and to the Sex Lives of the Neighbors
In the new NBC comedy “Save Me,” starring Anne Heche, a suburban housewife has a near-death experience and gains the power to receive direct input from God and the power to know people’s secrets (The New York Times)
The Sale of Britain's Churches Should Cause an International Outcry
Churches are national art in a way that Titian's magnificent Diana and Actaeon never was. (HuffPo)
Danish philosopher's tough ideas adapted for kids
As Denmark celebrates the philosopher's 200th birthday on Sunday, Marie Moeller has found her version of "Either/Or" — featuring strobe lights, rave music and child-size puppets — being performed in schools across the country (Associated Press)
Pat Boone family: Faith sustained us through tragedy
Prayer and, at times, medical marijuana have proved essential for Lindy Boone Michaelis as she cares for her son, who was severely injured in a three-story fall through a skylight a dozen years ago (Today, NBC)
Sculpture of Jesus the Homeless rejected by two prominent churches
It takes a moment to see that the slight figure shrouded by a blanket, hauntingly similar to the real homeless who lie on grates and in doorways, is Jesus. It’s the gaping wounds in the feet that reveal the subject, whose face is draped and barely visible, as Jesus the Homeless. (Toronto Star)
GSN Considers Adding Church-Based Dating Show
The idea would be to build on the success of the Game Show Network’s “American Bible Challenge.” (The New York Times)
Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
The reasons are rooted in history.
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