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Are Public Universities Discriminating Against Christians With Recent Hotel Bible Bans? |
"A conservative legal group is urging two public universities to reverse their decision to ban Bibles from hotel rooms following demands from an atheist activist group."
This is your Bible on drugs
The Bible doesn’t address marijuana use directly. But Christians engaging the issue are finding plenty of verses to support various positions on pot. (On Faith)
Public exhibit of St. Peter relics revives debate
Are the bones really his? (Associated Press)
The Bible in the Bird's Nest
Owning the Good Book in North Korea can have fatal consequences. (Melanie Kirkpatrick, The Wall Street Journal)
YouVersion's 100 million downloads place it in the company of Instagram and Dropbox
The Gutenberg behind YouVersion is the church’s 36-year-old “innovation pastor,” Bobby Gruenewald, whose training was in business, not religion. He bluffed his way into building Web sites, and later sold a pro-wrestling fan Web site for $7 million.
The App of God
100 million people now have the same (interactive, data-wielding) Bible app in their pockets. (Atlantic)
Bible Class in Texas Schools Faulted as Unconstitutional
Religion’s place in public schools is a decades-old debate, often focused on prayers at athletic events or other extracurricular activities. The for-credit Bible classes inject the question into the middle of the school day. (Bloomberg)
Governor Orders Bibles Back To Georgia State Park Lodging In Church State Battle
Nathan Deal argued that if the state didn't pay for them, it can't be seen as endorsing them. (AP)
GSN Considers Adding Church-Based Dating Show
The idea would be to build on the success of the Game Show Network’s “American Bible Challenge.” (The New York Times)
Morocco actor amused by Satan-Obama comparisons
With gray hair pulled back in a ponytail, an expressive face and a slim Errol Flynn-style pencil mustache, Mehdi Ouazzani doesn't look a great deal like America's 44th president — but then he doesn't resemble a stereotypical Satan very much either (Associated Press)
Andy Crouch: Corporate Faith After the Hobby Lobby Decision
Life Together, Again
After Hobby Lobby, vibrant corporate life is needed more than ever.
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