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Paul Ryan's Catholic Roots Reach Deep
Use of Church Teachings to Justify Limited Government Puts Him at Odds With Some in Clergy. (The Wall Street Journal)
Opinion: Ayn Rand Wouldn’t Approve of Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan and his fellow conservatives embrace only the economic aspects of Ayn Rand's philosophy, forgetting the parts that don't fit with their ideology. (Jennifer Burns, The New York Times)
Opinion: Contraception, Cheap Sex, and the Nonmarital Birth Rate
I haven’t come down too hard on contraception, but it boggles my mind to think that the logical answer to slowing the skyrocketing nonmarital fertility rate is to pump more (and free) birth control into the relationship system (Mark Regnerus, Black, White, and Gray)
Opinion: The Vatican's Monetary Wisdom
More than 'greed,' fiat money and central-bank policies caused the financial crisis. (Robert A. Sirico, The Wall Street Journal)
Opinion: Wall Street Occupiers Urged to Target Churches
Frank Schaeffer is now faulting religious conservatives for facilitating Wall Street greed. (Mark Tooley, Front Page Magazine)
Eric Cantor Preaches Against Obama’s Jobs Bill, Israel Policy
The GOP leader used a synagogue setting to preach against Obama’s jobs plan and question his commitment to Israel. (The Daily Beast)
Pope Visits Spain, Says Ethics Should Guide Economics
The Vatican sees Spain as a crucial battleground against secularist trends that have taken a toll on European Catholic communities. (The Wall Street Journal)
How and When to Make a Decision
Seemingly trivial things have a huge influence on the way that we make decisions (Intelligent Life)
Why Can't More Poor People Escape Poverty?
A radical new explanation from psychologists. (The New Republic)
Opinion: Voice of Gary North Heard in Anti-Union Movement
Gary North, a prolific writer who applies biblical principles to economic issues and the free market, is an influential figure on the American far right. (Mark Oppenheimer, The New York Times)
The Lord Is My Shepherd or Predator?
The Lord Is My Shepherd or Predator?
Many people today find the famous psalm troubling. But we need it now more than ever.
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