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Evangelist-turned-CEO now ‘a vagabond’ as mining dreams evaporate
Len Lindstrom went from globetrotting evangelist to mining executive to broke (CBC)
Abortion battle over Amendment 1 draws big money
Ballot measure would remove abortion protections from the state’s constitution (The Tennessean)
The Hobby Lobby Backlash Hits Whole Foods
A movement is underway to tell the grocer to drop Eden Foods, which seeks to quit covering all birth control and preventative services for its employees. (The Daily Beast)
Tyler Perry Wins 'What Would Jesus Do' Trademark Battle
His opponent at the Trademark Office was a reality TV star who registered first and claimed she had introduced him to the title of a proposed show. She still lost.(Hollywood Reporter)
No, Contraception Coverage Does Not Usually Pay for Itself
Evidence is thin that, from an insurer's perspective, contraceptive coverage pays for itself in the long term. Moreover, it almost certainly does not in the short. (The Upshot, The New York Times)
Christian college, weathering unexpected $1.5 million cash sortage, prays for donations
After employees at Emmanuel College concealed financial problems from the institution’s president and Board of Regents, the college has turned to itsthe International Pentecostal Holiness Church to raise enough money to survive the summer (Inside Higher Ed)
Save like Dave Ramsey...just don't invest like him
Radio giant Dave Ramsey knows debt and savings, but some of his advice drives pros nuts. (Money Magazine)
An Invention That Marinated for 19 Years
“I don’t have a cookbook,” she said. “God gives me my own.” Prayer is “where I get 99 percent of my recipes.” (The New York Times)
Friendship Baptist Church agrees to sell for stadium
The deal will net the 151-year-old church $19.5 million, to be paid for by the Atlanta Falcons (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Designer hijabs, brought to you by Christians
The US-born founders of, based in Jordan, saw a great opportunity amid Amman's burgeoning entrepreneur scene. (CSM)
    Paul Ryan's Catholic Roots Reach Deep
    Use of Church Teachings to Justify Limited Government Puts Him at Odds With Some in Clergy. (The Wall Street Journal)
    Opinion: Ayn Rand Wouldn’t Approve of Paul Ryan
    Paul Ryan and his fellow conservatives embrace only the economic aspects of Ayn Rand's philosophy, forgetting the parts that don't fit with their ideology. (Jennifer Burns, The New York Times)
    Opinion: Contraception, Cheap Sex, and the Nonmarital Birth Rate
    I haven’t come down too hard on contraception, but it boggles my mind to think that the logical answer to slowing the skyrocketing nonmarital fertility rate is to pump more (and free) birth control into the relationship system (Mark Regnerus, Black, White, and Gray)
    Cardinal Timothy Dolan cuts ties with anti-abortion crusader Frank Pavone
    “My requests of Father Pavone were clear and simple: one, that Priests for Life undergo a forensic audit; two, that a new, independent board be established to provide oversight and accountability,” Dolan wrote. "Although Father Pavone initially assured me of his support, he did not cooperate. Frequent requests that he do so went unheeded. I finally asked him to comply by October 1st. He did not."
    Religion and spending: Prudent but not puritan | The Economist
    Households "with a strong commitment to faith"— demonstrated by higher spending on religious activities—are less likely to be weighed down by excessive mortgage outgoings or loan payments for cars. Compared with other households, they are more likely to be home owners but their property tax burden tends to be less—suggesting that "some moderation in [the] selection of home in terms of extravagance or location...."
    Pope Francis overhauls Vatican finances
    "Pope Francis on Monday revolutionized the Vatican's scandal-plagued finances, inviting outside experts into a world often seen as murky and secretive and saying the church must use its wealth to help the poor." (Al Jazeera America)
    Russell Moore and the ERLC Push for Racial Reconciliation in the Southern Baptist Convention — The Atlantic
    For many women, and particularly women of color, ideals of sexual purity and stable marriage might not be attainable. Since those are such a central part of Southern Baptist teachings, churches faces a difficult challenge in trying not to alienate those who don’t live up to the Biblical vision of family life.
    Police charge 90-year-old man, 2 pastors with feeding the homeless | News - Home
    Fort Lauderdale police charged three men – including two pastors and a 90-year-old man – for feeding the homeless in public on Sunday, the first such cases made by the city after the a new ordinance effectively banning public food sharings took effect on Friday.
    Lusanne Movement on Prosperity Theology, Poverty and the Gospel
    We affirm that God wishes the best for his children, and we seek ourselves to emulate his desire; but we recognize the ways our cultures distort our desires and draw us away from the fullness of life that is offered to all in Christ Jesus. Materialism and consumerism are two primary forms of the distortion of desires. Where the teachings of PT manipulate and control, Christians must be a prophetic voice, offering genuine justice and hope.
    Watchdog: Tax breaks for churches: Favoring believers over nonbelievers? - The Orange County Register
    "Most people have no idea how the religious exemptions work, or what they’re worth. No one had really tried to calculate it.Just putting it on the radar is worth doing, even if it’s not going to change policies in the short run. In the long run, I think it will.” said Ryan T. Cragun, principal author of “How Secular Humanists (and Everyone Else) Subsidize Religion in the United States.” Why? Because fewer and fewer people align themselves with organized religions, and they may be less and less willing to give believers tax breaks.
    Ky. rejects $18M in tax incentives for Noah's Ark park
    A proposed Noah's Ark theme park in northern Kentucky has been turned down for around $18 million in state tax incentives amid concerns that it will promote religion and violate the separation of church and state. Answers in Genesis — says it is considering legal action in federal court.
    In Germany, Many Believers Balk at Tweak to Church Tax : Wall Street Journal
    So far this year, the number of Germans leaving the country's Protestant and Catholic churches has reached its highest level in 20 years, twice last year's level—a surge many clergy and finance experts blame on the changes in how the tax is levied.
    Church wine runs low in latest Venezuelan shortage
    "We're asking the priests and bishops to ration wine and look for alternatives during this emergency," said Jose Antonio Da Conceicao, a national church official (Reuters)
    Getting Unstuck: Financial Innovations for Moving Ministries Forward
    The economy’s ongoing limps and struggles are taking their toll even on growing churches, but some are finding creative ways to address the challenge. (Leadership Network)
    It’s not heaven for jobless clergy
    Recession has left churches with less money for hiring, more seeking slots (The Columbus Dispatch)
Top Story April 20, 2015
More Martyrs: ISIS Executes Dozens of Ethiopian Christians in Libya
More Martyrs: ISIS Executes Dozens of Ethiopian Christians in Libya
Propaganda video released the same day Justin Welby arrives in Cairo to honor the previous 21 victims.
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