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When ‘allegedly prolife’ groups attack
The church’s poverty programs exist to protect the neediest among us, not to enrich the coffers of culture warriors. (Commonweal)
Differing interpretations of Bible’s message on helping poor at heart of NC capitol protests
Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said he sees Christians as similarly concerned with prosperity for all, but divided over how to bring it about. (WaPo)
Stance on poverty an example of Catholic division
The politically influential U.S. Conference of Bishops has been unable to reach agreement on a statement representing one of its core values: caring for the poor. (SFGate)
Greek Church Fields Calls to Do More
Church-based efforts feed 10,000 people a day across Athens—part of what Greek Orthodox officials say is the biggest mobilization to help the disadvantaged since the aftermath of World War II. (The Wall Street Journal)
Romney, citing safety net, says he’s ‘not concerned about the very poor’
“I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there,” Romney told CNN. (Washington Post)
Opinion: Saving Catholic Education
Over 50 years, the U.S. Catholic school population has dropped by almost two-thirds. (Richard Riordan, The Wall Street Journal)
Opinion: Two parties pray to the same God, but listen to different economists
As a moral matter, federal budgeting lies somewhere between bimetallism and abolitionism, leaving room for healthy debate. (Michael Gerson, The Washington Post)
A Christian Group Seeks to End Extreme Poverty
Some 138 million Christians live in the United States—and they collectively earn $2.4-trillion per year. If each one of those people just slightly increased the amount he or she gives each year, they could eradicate extreme poverty by 2035 (The Chronicle of Philanthropy)
Opinion: Can cause of social justice tame our culture wars?
Who would want to go to social-transformation war with a bunch of Jesus fanatics who speak boldly about "the kingdom" and have this funny habit of praying out loud and punctuating their conferences with worship songs? (Tom Krattenmaker, USA Today)
To the extreme: Ending Poverty
Compassion International, a Christian nonprofit based on Voyager Parkway, announced last week that it is working with nine other international nonprofits to — get this — eliminate extreme poverty worldwide by 2035 (Colorado Springs Independent)
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