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Russell Moore and the ERLC Push for Racial Reconciliation in the Southern Baptist Convention — The Atlantic
For many women, and particularly women of color, ideals of sexual purity and stable marriage might not be attainable. Since those are such a central part of Southern Baptist teachings, churches faces a difficult challenge in trying not to alienate those who don’t live up to the Biblical vision of family life.
Police charge 90-year-old man, 2 pastors with feeding the homeless | News - Home
Fort Lauderdale police charged three men – including two pastors and a 90-year-old man – for feeding the homeless in public on Sunday, the first such cases made by the city after the a new ordinance effectively banning public food sharings took effect on Friday.
Lusanne Movement on Prosperity Theology, Poverty and the Gospel
We affirm that God wishes the best for his children, and we seek ourselves to emulate his desire; but we recognize the ways our cultures distort our desires and draw us away from the fullness of life that is offered to all in Christ Jesus. Materialism and consumerism are two primary forms of the distortion of desires. Where the teachings of PT manipulate and control, Christians must be a prophetic voice, offering genuine justice and hope.
Pakistani Christians struggle from poverty, lack of political organization
Christians form under three percent of Pakistan’s estimated 180 million people. But the community is spread all over the country, making it almost impossible for Christians to elect representatives who share their religion because they lack the numbers in a free-for-all poll.
'Honour the Image of God': The Incarnation and Early Christian Philanthropy
The Christian understanding of the "Image of God," defined by the Incarnation, represented a radical departure from the social ethics of classical paganism, which actively discouraged private charity. (Gary Ferngren, ABC, Australia)
Pope Francis meets US televangelists, and the first-ever ‘papal high-five’ follows
Kenneth Copeland and James Robison are among some wealthier U.S. evangelicals who have recently met with Francis, who has called for a focus on the poor and a simple lifestyle for clergy (Religion News Service)
When ‘allegedly prolife’ groups attack
The church’s poverty programs exist to protect the neediest among us, not to enrich the coffers of culture warriors. (Commonweal)
Differing interpretations of Bible’s message on helping poor at heart of NC capitol protests
Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said he sees Christians as similarly concerned with prosperity for all, but divided over how to bring it about. (WaPo)
Stance on poverty an example of Catholic division
The politically influential U.S. Conference of Bishops has been unable to reach agreement on a statement representing one of its core values: caring for the poor. (SFGate)
Greek Church Fields Calls to Do More
Church-based efforts feed 10,000 people a day across Athens—part of what Greek Orthodox officials say is the biggest mobilization to help the disadvantaged since the aftermath of World War II. (The Wall Street Journal)
Top Story April 27, 2015
Brutally Honest with God
Getting Brutally Honest with God
The psalms of lament invite us to voice our frustrations—and provide a reason to hope.
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