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Cargill fires about 180 Somali workers after prayer dispute
The Somali workers didn’t report for work after long-standing tensions over prayer breaks at the plant culminated in an incident Dec. 18 in which some workers were denied such breaks by supervisors, said Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has interceded on behalf of the Colorado workers.
Crimean tension stirs call for prayer, Bibles
In the middle of what some are calling the biggest crisis between Moscow and the West since the Cold War, Ukrainian Christians are not panicking, but are on the offensive by praying. (Baptist Press)
Evangelical Christianity is big in Nigeria — 87 football fields big
All-night prayer vigils are at the core of the country's booming Pentecostal movement. Some churches draw worshippers in the hundreds of thousands. (The World, PRI)
Why We Talk in Tongues
What dawned on me in Accra is that speaking in tongues might actually be a more effective way to pray than speaking in ordinary language — if by prayer one means the mental technique of detaching from the everyday world, and from everyday thought, to experience God. (NYT)
The Supreme Court Revisits a Religious Lemon
In Town of Greece case, the justices will presumably consider whether to link legislative prayer with the main body of church-state law. (WSJ)
Click 'Pray' to Pray: How Evangelical Megapastor Joel Osteen Is Saving Souls With Facebook
Increasingly, the road to Damascus is a hyperlink and the Epistle is a tweet. (HuffPo)
Is That God Talking?
Hearing voices may be a sign of prayerful intensity, not mental illness. (T.M. Luhrmann, The New York Times)
Pat Boone family: Faith sustained us through tragedy
Prayer and, at times, medical marijuana have proved essential for Lindy Boone Michaelis as she cares for her son, who was severely injured in a three-story fall through a skylight a dozen years ago (Today, NBC)
Social Networking for the Soul
Jamie Coughlin believes in the power of prayer. So much so that he’s built a website called PlusGrace that lets people pledge to pray for others online or donate money electronically to those requesting prayers. (Businessweek)
New Research: God Uses Intentionality to Grow Us Spiritually
The point of seeking God is not that he is hard to find. Rather he desires we constantly invest in this relationship and seek to follow Him in every area of life. This requires intentionality and ultimate priority in a disciple's life (
God's Place in Black History
God's Place in Black History
Looking to the past provides direction for the current fight for justice.
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