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Supreme Court
Leonard Kerpelman, Who Led School Prayer Case, Dies at 88
Mr. Kerpelman successfully argued a landmark Supreme Court case in 1963 that led to a ban on state-supported prayer in public schools. (The New York Times)
Christianity best for capitalism?
Supreme Court Justice finds Christianity is linked to the success of capitalism.
Supreme Court Takes Step Toward Hearing Abortion Case
A law that restricted the use of abortion-inducing drugs was ruled an unwanted curb on medical practice and the right to abortion. (The New York Times)
School prayer: 50 years after the ban, God and faith more present than ever
A three-part cover story on the state of school prayer. (
Supreme Court ruling 50 years ago set modern course for religion in public schools
Despite a popular perception that the 8-1 decision ripped religion out of public schools by banning the ceremonial reading of Bible verses, prominent First Amendment scholars and educators say Abington v. Schempp marked a rare consensus among conservative and liberal justices that actually provided a framework for allowing religion into the public school curriculum. (Deseret News)
The Supreme Court Revisits a Religious Lemon
In Town of Greece case, the justices will presumably consider whether to link legislative prayer with the main body of church-state law. (WSJ)
Debate over contraceptive mandate destined for Supreme Court
Judge says because corporations have rights to political speech, it would make no sense for them to be denied First Amendment rights to exercise religion. (WaPo)
Same-sex marriage debate heads to the Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court takes up two cases this week on the fiercely debated moral question of same-sex marriage, and religious voices on both sides of the issue are weighing in on what could become pivotal decisions in the court’s — and the nation’s — history. (ReligionLink)
God and the Profits: Religious Liberty for Money-Makers
The Bible says “You cannot serve both God and mammon.” The Constitution doesn’t. (Public Discourse)
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Watch and Wait
Watch and Wait
Tarrying with Christ and the fearful dying.
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