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The Kids Aren't Alright, and Neither is the School
‘Kidnapped for Christ’ investigates a boarding school (The New York Times)
Tyler Perry Wins 'What Would Jesus Do' Trademark Battle
His opponent at the Trademark Office was a reality TV star who registered first and claimed she had introduced him to the title of a proposed show. She still lost.(Hollywood Reporter)
Opinion: The Billy Graham Brand Rolls On
He just turned 95, but the foundation that bears his name is still bringing out new books and videos. (Kenneth L. Woodward, The Wall Street Journal)
Damon Lindelof Is Officially Back on TV to Shoot Post-Rapture America
HBO has put in a 10-episode full-season order for The Leftovers, Lindelof's adaptation of Tom Perrotta's 2011 novel about people left behind on an increasingly cracked-out earth after the Rapture. (Grantland)
A Direct Line to God, and to the Sex Lives of the Neighbors
In the new NBC comedy “Save Me,” starring Anne Heche, a suburban housewife has a near-death experience and gains the power to receive direct input from God and the power to know people’s secrets (The New York Times)
GSN Considers Adding Church-Based Dating Show
The idea would be to build on the success of the Game Show Network’s “American Bible Challenge.” (The New York Times)
Morocco actor amused by Satan-Obama comparisons
With gray hair pulled back in a ponytail, an expressive face and a slim Errol Flynn-style pencil mustache, Mehdi Ouazzani doesn't look a great deal like America's 44th president — but then he doesn't resemble a stereotypical Satan very much either (Associated Press)
Behind the Hit ‘Bible’ Miniseries: The Man Who Helps Hollywood Get Religion
God's point man in Hollywood: Jonathan Bock, the founder and president of Grace Hill Media, a public relations and marketing firm that acts as a middle man between Hollywood and the country’s faithful. (Time)
US-based 'Pope TV' to zero in on papal selection
While other media explained the basics of the smoke signals used at the Vatican to signal the vote outcome, EWTN analysts discussed the pontiff's influence on the use of candles and crucifixes during worship (Associated Press)
‘Two and a Half Men’ actor’s criticism of show shines light on Seventh-day Adventists
Religion scholars say they were not surprised by Jones’ comments deriding “Two and a Half Men,” speculating that his remarks might speak to the zeal of a new convert and to some of the particular tenets of Seventh-day Adventism. (CNN)
Medical Missionaries' Ebola Pullback: No More Kent Brantlys?
Medical Missionaries' Ebola Pullback: No More Kent Brantlys?
As ministries report record interest in serving, Samaritan's Purse shifts strategy on what expat doctors do.
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