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Karen Armstrong's Fields of Blood: Is Religion Inherently Violent? - The Atlantic
Although "religious" violence has always had a political element, she argues, the political nature of warfare—even in wars with putatively religious justifications—has become even more pronounced in contemporary history.
Syrian forces take three villages near Lebanon border
"Syrian government troops seized at least three communities along the border with Lebanon, including an ancient Christian hamlet, north of Damascus on Monday." (Al Aryabia News)
In Mexico, agitation between church and gangland state
The bishops have had it with drug gangs terrorizing their flock. Now they’re finally speaking out. (Global Post)
Death toll up to four in Cairo's Warraq church attack
The death toll increases to four and the injured to 18 in the Al-Warraq church attack Sunday on a wedding ceremony (Al Ahram)
Vigilantes Defeat Boko Haram in Its Nigerian Base
Fed up with the attacks by homegrown Islamist extremists, young informer-vigilantes have driven the group from Maiduguri, the city from where the group sprung. (The New York Times)
Turn to Religion Split Bomb Suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Home
Over the past five years, the personal lives of the Tsarnaev family members slipped into turmoil, driven, at least in part, by a growing interest in religion by both Tamerlan and his mother. (The WallmStreet Journal)
Relative: No motive in Easter shooting in Ohio
Panicked witnesses to a fatal Easter service shooting in Ohio feared many might be killed as the victim's son approached the pulpit, waving a handgun and yelling about God and Allah (Associated Press)
Kenyan church moves past painful election history
This time, election passed in peace (Associated Press)
Church security after Sandy Hook
Mass shootings, and smaller ones at churches, push leaders to balance security with ministry. (ABP)
Man in Calif. school shooting not fit for trial
A judge ruled on Monday that a man accused of killing seven people at a small Northern California Christian college is not mentally fit for trial. (AP/Boston Globe)
Full Bellies, Thankful Hearts
Full Bellies, Thankful Hearts
God designed your stomach and your heart to be intimately connected.
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