Confessing God

Confessing God attempts to understand who we are and how the world should be by looking at what the Bible says who God is.
Derek Rishmawy

Derek Rishmawy is a doctoral student in systematic theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He also writes at

The Cynic’s Guide to SinThe Cynic’s Guide to SinSubscriber Access Only
We’re not surprised when people fail us. But should we be?
How God Keeps it TogetherHow God Keeps it TogetherSubscriber Access Only
When our life unravels, He holds the threads.
What the Church Says to Terrible PeopleWhat the Church Says to Terrible PeopleSubscriber Access Only
‘Welcome to the club.’
When God’s Mercy Sounds Like Bad NewsWhen God’s Mercy Sounds Like Bad NewsSubscriber Access Only
The patience of the Lord can be a heavy burden.
The Truth about Suicide
The Truth about Suicide
More and more Americans are taking their own lives. How the church can step up.
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