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Subscriber Access OnlyBlessed Are the Lukewarm
Religion is okay with the courts, so long as it doesn't mean anything.
Subscriber Access OnlyDouble-entry Accountability
Two financial watchdogs are better than one.
Subscriber Access Only'The Longest Hatred'
Evangelicals must fight the resurgence of anti-Semitism.
Subscriber Access OnlyCrash-Helmet Christianity
Talking about the real Jesus is a dangerous thing.
Subscriber Access OnlyA Question of Faith
Top Democrats have much work ahead to convince voters of their religious sincerity.
Subscriber Access OnlyForget Your Bliss
The success of The Purpose-Driven Life reveals a cultural opportunity.
Subscriber Access OnlyLet No Law Put Asunder
A constitutional amendment defending marriage is worth the effort.
Subscriber Access OnlyMuslims at Home in America
Christians have a part to play in helping Islam adapt to democracy.
Subscriber Access OnlyBack to the Garden
Our task is neither to shield nature from humanity nor to tame all wilderness.
Subscriber Access OnlyOne Nation Under God—Sort of
We've got bigger problems than the Pledge of Allegiance.
Subscriber Access OnlyNixon's Ghost
The late President's tapes brought more pain—and a genuine act of repentance.
Subscriber Access OnlyWhy the TNIV Draws Ire
"No translation is perfect, and each must be read with a careful exegetical eye."
Subscriber Access OnlyOn Befriending Presidents
Billy Graham's relationship with Richard Nixon was already a controversy in 1972.
Subscriber Access OnlyWhich Version Should We Use?
What we said when the NIV was first published.
Subscriber Access OnlyEditorials: Blame Game
Seeking mercy is a better response to 9/11 than seeking meaning
Subscriber Access OnlyFear and Hate
"In times like this, as in all other times, Christians have a responsibility to love above all else."
Subscriber Access OnlyAslan Is Still on the Move
There's too little evidence to prove that anyone is 'de-Christianizing' C.S. Lewis.
Subscriber Access OnlyEditorial: Honest Ecumenism
The Vatican's recent statement on the nature of the church is a step forward, not backward, for Christian unity.
Subscriber Access OnlyA Tutsi's Hope
A Zairean bishop wants American Christians to remember the struggles of the church in East Africa.
Subscriber Access OnlyStanding Firm, Moving Forward
CT founder Billy Graham charts the course for evangelicalism's future.
Displaying 161 – 180 of 189 ARTICLES
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Grace in a Strip Bar
Grace in a Strip Bar
Being a friend of sinners with discernment and love.
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