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Half of Hispanic Christians Worry About Deportation Under Trump
Pew: Latino Protestants most likely to rate Trump a ‘terrible’ president.
About a million of these “Dreamers” have been safeguarded by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, while Deferred Action for Parents of Americans applies to
When Coffee Isn’t Enough: Reflecting on Relationships & Gospel Witness
The most valuable resource we can offer is the Gospel.
Or those who have purchased a hot drink for the person standing out in the cold. Our hearts warm as we hear of these and we are inspired to action.
Courts Split on US Christians Caught Up in Turkey's Crackdown
Deportation of evangelist David Byle blocked, while pastor Andrew Brunson still imprisoned without evidence.
her husband recently in prison—where they have been permitted to communicate through glass—she told supporters, he was “discouraged about the lack (seemingly) of action from the
Trump Adviser’s Megachurch Withholds Major Donation from SBC
Prestonwood Baptist diverts denominational giving over concerns about Russell Moore’s ERLC.
mosque. The International Mission Board (IMB) joined the brief as well, and president David Platt apologized Wednesday for the divisive nature of the action.
Meet the Pastor Who Challenged Africa’s Oldest Dictator with Surprising Success
#ThisFlag protest leader Evan Mawarire is back home—and was back in jail until yesterday.
His party is backing him again for the 2018 election. Thousands viewed Mawarire's YouTube call to action, and supporters caught up his hashtag #ThisFlag.
Trump Grants Russell Moore One of His Top 2017 Wishes
President restores Mexico City Policy banning the funding of foreign abortions.
governments. Pro-life advocates applauded Trump's action. decades. After Reagan's action, it remained in force until 1993, when President Bill Clinton rescinded it.
Americans Agree: God Blesses Super Bowl Athletes, not Their Teams
How evangelicals and others see God’s providence in The Big Game vs. Trump’s election.
Ed Uszynski, who works with Cru's sport ministry, Athletes in Action, resists the notion that wins can be seen as God blessing faithful athletes. He wrote for Desiring God:
Congrats, Frank Wolf: Obama Approves Expansion of International Religious Freedom Act
IRFA modernization gives State Department new tools to protect Christians (and others) persecuted by ISIS.
The House of Representatives approved the Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA), HR 1150, on December 13 to complete congressional action on the proposal.
Weekend Edition - January 20, 2017
Rural churches, same-sex marriage, ICYMI, and church signs
they are expected to resign. We have a different name for IVCF's action: discipleship. Previously on The Exchange. Retraining Our Minds on the Things
US Missionary May Get Russia’s Anti-Evangelism Law Overturned
After 32 cases, lawmakers review Yarovaya restrictions on religion. Top courts could follow.
in July. “Everything that undermines that action is a real threat, whether that's evangelical Protestant missionaries or anything else.”. However, earlier
Compassion: 145,000 Children Could Lose Sponsorship by Christmas
Christian charity's largest country, India, no longer lets it transfer money. And now it's run out.
its website. “We have never been offered an explanation for this action in the nine months since the order was issued.”. Compassion International. India
Hacksaw Ridge: The Bloody, True Story of Faith in Action
Mel Gibson’s new film raises questions about religious liberty and moral conviction amidst national turmoil.
Hacksaw Ridge: The Bloody, True Story of Faith in Action. Hacksaw Ridge: The Bloody, True Story of Faith in Action. Lionsgate. Hacksaw Ridge: The Bloody, True Story of Faith in Action.
Pray for Aleppo? Survey Says Fewer Christians Pray for Refugees
World Vision president sees ‘America’s heart closing’ to Syria and Iraq.
conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs. Fewer “committed Christians” said they had taken action on behalf of refugees in the past two years. In 2016, 38 percent
‘Paterson’ Richly Rewards the Watchful
So much depends upon a bus driver, carefully attentive, writing poetry in Paterson, NJ.
His younger self, in uniform as a Marine, stares dutifully from a picture frame at home, assuring us that he's ready for action. But what kind of action? As
America's Abortion Rate Hits All-Time Low
Less than 1 million pregnancies terminated for first time since 1975.
The ERLC has offered six pro-life priorities for action by President- elect Trump and Congress in 2017, including the nomination and confirmation of a pro-life successor to the late
Displaying 1 – 15 of 991 ARTICLES
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My Missionary Great-Grandfather Led Me to Christ
My Missionary Great-Grandfather Led Me to Christ
But only after I went to Japan in search of his life story.
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