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10 Characteristics of Movemental Christianity
Moving from addition to reproduction.
No movement will happen until pressure is applied to move the church from the place of being static to a body of believers in action—from addition to reproduction.
The Power of Polarity
It’s past time the ongoing divide between justice and evangelism was broken down.
This is true in the world of music, which is mostly storytelling set to song. It is true in the world of television and film, which is mostly storytelling set to action.
One-on-One with Peyton Jones on "Reaching the Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art"
"I think that every believer has this hidden yet reluctant adventurer inside of them."
I believe that many of our young people have left the Church because they haven't seen it in action. Young people get Christianity when they see it in action.
The Vacuum Christian Indifference Creates
The crisis we face when the church is silent on social justice.
In James 2:15–17, the apostle articulates the insufficiency of well-wishing without action: “Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food.
Evangelicals Tell Trump: Don’t Deport Christians to Face Genocide in Iraq
As outcry over fate of 199 mostly Chaldeans continues, so do ICE arrests.
As outcry over fate of 199 mostly Chaldeans continues, so do ICE arrests.
My Stance on Refugees and Immigration, and How They Intersect with Christianity
I answer some frequently asked questions.
(However, note there has been no action on these safe zones since President Trump seemed to provide them as an alternative to refugee resettlement).
What's Love Got to Do with It? Love, Marriage, and the Gospel
Dr. David Van Dyke joins Drs Cohick and Stetzer for the latest Theology for Life podcast.
George Kalantzis. What is love, and how is it reflected in our lives? How do we have a love stance that is based in action instead of emotion? What is
30 Day Infusions to Be Better Followers of Christ
30 days and four essential practices
Then, pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to fill each of you as you take action. If we just hope that outreach will happen, we can plan to be disappointed. Good things rarely just happen.
Hacksaw Ridge: The Bloody, True Story of Faith in Action
Mel Gibson’s new film raises questions about religious liberty and moral conviction amidst national turmoil.
Hacksaw Ridge: The Bloody, True Story of Faith in Action. Brett McCracken| November 3, 2016. Hacksaw Ridge: The Bloody, True Story of Faith in Action. Image: Lionsgate.
Surrender Fear
Pray: Take time to consider all you've reflected on this week. Thank God for his work; invite God to point you toward one action you can take to apply these ideas to your life.
Weekend Edition - January 20, 2017
Rural churches, same-sex marriage, ICYMI, and church signs
they are expected to resign. We have a different name for IVCF's action: discipleship. Previously on The Exchange. Retraining Our Minds on the Things
Evangelism, Iranian StyleSubscriber Access Only
Amid persecution and a travel ban, Iran’s youth want community and transformation from within.
We not only help persecuted and isolated Christians grow strong in faith and action, but we also teach them to share the gospel with their persecutors.
The Fight for Social Justice Starts WithinSubscriber Access Only
What Jason Russell and John Ortberg learned about the souls of activists.
Justice Grows Deep. Christians have, at various points in history, sorted the ideas of justice and the inner life into opposing categories—action versus contemplation.
Facts, Faith, and Faces
World Relief hosts free webinar: Leading Your Church Through the Post-Election Environment
or the fact of the extensive economic contributions of the 500,000 young people who are paying taxes and contributing to the economy because of the Deferred Action for Childhood
His Passion
Then they led him away to be crucified.”. Matthew 27:28–31. View in context. “Passion” conveys a strong emotion, a powerful feeling for something that leads to action.
Turning the World Upside Down, Down Under
As Americans debate the Benedict Option, anti-Christian fervor in Australia has convinced me that we need a more disruptive strategy.
Christians who speak out against progressive ideologies. There are many examples of this soft persecution in action. First, in 2015, the Catholic Archbishop
Family and Politics: Why I'm Against 'Keeping the Peace'
There are times when we need to speak up.
It's my commitment to faith-in-action that nudges me to graciously speak up in the hope that everyone involved will be challenged by an honest exchange of ideas.
Britain Fears a Culture War. But Evangelicals Aren’t Going to Fight.
Despite scrutiny of the recent election, Tim Farron, and the DUP, UK believers won’t push party politics.
party affiliation. Still, British evangelicals say they are interested in politics and discuss it frequently, so why are they divorced from political action? The
How Discipleship Is Transforming Nairobi, One Woman at a Time
Women in urban East Africa face challenges that are both unique and universal.
access to so-called “experiential discipleship.” According to Randy White in Encounter God in the City, experiential discipleship involves a cycle of scriptural study, action, reflection, and
Three Reasons Why Evangelicals Stopped Advocating for the Environment
It's not theology, it's politics.
has often been driven by factors other than theology. 1. A Misguided Call to Action. One of the first major barriers to theologically conservative Christian
Top Story June 24, 2017
Finding My ‘True Self’ As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
Finding My ‘True Self’ As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
In my young-adult struggle with sexual identity, both legalistic condemnation and progressive license left me floundering.
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