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Race in America: How Two Pastors (and dozens of churches) Partnered for Racial Reconciliation in Dallas
Senior Pastor of Concord Church in Dallas, TX
We spent three meetings talking through these tough and sensitive matters. We then began taking some action steps. Jeff and I decided to swap pulpits
Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: "Jill Stein is my imperfect candidate."
Evangelical millenial minority chooses the Green Party
violent resistance. By proposing a new course of action, the person being oppressed was refusing to passively submit to the soldier's command. In North
Extreme Athletes Don’t Have to Settle for Adrenaline Highs
Action-sports ministries help wakeboarders, surfers, skaters, and snowboarders ground their passions in gospel truth.
Action-sports ministries help wakeboarders, surfers, skaters, and snowboarders ground their passions in gospel truth. Extreme Athletes Don't Have to Settle for Adrenaline Highs.
Don’t Be the Bottleneck
Effective lead pastors must learn how to lead larger.
Create an action plan to eliminate the barriers. Your action plan may require nothing more than a small shift in thinking or it may require a strategic intervention like I experienced.
Being There: How To Love Those Who Are Hurting
An interview with Dave Furman on his new book.
Work hard to get to know the needs of your friend and take action. Ed: How can the church help hurting people? Dave: There are many ways the church can help hurting people.
Weekend Edition—June 10, 2016
Politics, soccer, leadership, church signs and more!
accomplishes little. About those “20 Minutes of Action”: 20 Things We'd Better Tell Our Sons Right Now About Being Real Men—Ann Voskamp. My frustration
Ken Starr Resigns from Baylor Leadership; Football Coach Art Briles To Be Fired
(UPDATED) Starr: 'The captain goes down with the ship.'
stated. “This is a very critical issue for Baylor, and the board is going to make sure to take the appropriate time to determine the right course of action.".
Breaking the Cult Image in One Transient Community
A return to biblical hospitality can open wide the doors for gospel witness to occur.
Many willingly raise their hands to pray. Church friends, as well as our family, moved into action. This was not the kind of evangelism I had been used to. In my own backyard?
Taking Aim at Worship
Why we need to re-orient our worship.
the will. The latent danger in action-induced frameworks of worship lies in the potential to view worship as contingent upon our own performance. Thus
Russia's Newest Law: No Evangelizing Outside of Church
(UPDATE) Putin signs new restrictions that limit where and how Christians share the gospel.
told CT. “Everything that undermines that action is a real threat, whether that's evangelical Protestant missionaries or anything else.”. Sergei Ryakhovsky
Tampons Are a Justice Issue
While reporting in sub-Saharan Africa, I discovered the 'period problem' and why solutions are tough to come by.
how many resources we expend on “necessities.”. In this context, identifying the “just action” is complicated. Yes, there are women in developing countries
Iowa Churches Can't Discriminate During Services 'Open to the Public'
Churches can't limit bathroom use to biological gender or make anyone feel unwelcome, the state says.
The day after Fort Des Moines' lawsuit was filed, Cornerstone World Outreach in Sioux City sent the ICRC a letter threatening its own legal action if the ICRC doesn't retract its position.
Border Crossing: 5 Ways to Move Church Voting Beyond the Status Quo
Church voting should reflect vision, not current reality.
You may just find the strategically sensitive leaders that the church really needs. Diversify the ballot. It's not affirmative action; it's affirmative vision. Put
Trump’s ‘Greatest Contribution to Christianity’: Pastors Preaching Politics
Republican nominee pledges to repeal Johnson Amendment. But pastors debate endorsing politicians from pulpits.
But the IRS has been slow to respond with legal action. Several years ago, it was stalled on the question of who had the authority to authorize church audits.
Some SBC Reflections—a Short Series
The 2016 SBC annual meeting saw a lot of good.
There may be a resolution thanking a city or organization for a particular action; a resolution stating a position on a moral issue; a resolution condemning certain government behavior; a
Displaying 1 – 15 of 996 ARTICLES
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The Best Ways to Help the Poor
The Best Ways to Help the Poor
A new book, building on three classics, fills out the picture.
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