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Dear Church Planter, I Believe in You
Church planting is a key to advancing the kingdom of God.
You're headed into the adventure of a lifetime, and I pray that my newly revised book, Planting Missional Churches: Your Guide to Starting Churches that Multiply (
Confessions of a Middle-Aged White Woman: 5 Leadership Lessons on the Way to Diversity
Cru leader Cas Monaco shares her journey to racial understanding.
She and her husband Bob have been married 33 adventure-filled years on the mission field and in the pastorate. I was privileged to be Cas' professor.
Choose Your Own Sexual Ethics Adventure
A critique of purity culture turns into a plea for self-centered sexuality.
Health & Body; Work. Choose Your Own Sexual Ethics Adventure. Home > 2015 > March. Ariadna Bruna / Flickr. 0; tweet; share; 0; print. Choose Your Own Sexual Ethics Adventure.
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How many times did I need to get saved before truly loving God?
As a boy, I listened intently to my dad recount some of the greatest adventure stories ever told: Noah and his ark, David defeating a giant, and Joshua shouting down walls.
Morning Roundup 9/2/15
Critiquing Well; Maintaining Marriages; Missionary Hero
in search of heroic adventures for Christ, I moved to Southeast Asia to “teach English.” Needless to say, I quickly learned that a small-town English teacher's life is not all high adventure.
Religious Fiction Sales Nosedive, Non-Fiction Soars
Bibles and religious non-fiction, including “heaven tourism” books, jump up 12 percent.
The decline in Christian fiction matched the drop in action/ adventure books; the only category that fared worse was occult/psychological/horror, which dropped by 26 percent.
Deep Calls Out to Deep, but I Long to Stay Shallow
What spring break taught me about God.
It's not just me, and it's not just my kids. The books that fly off the shelves are the ones that keep us on the surface of a mystery or a scintillating adventure.
Disability Is Different in Africa
What one family has learned from serving families in Zambia through the Special Hope Network.
I met them for the first time when they were teenagers, and when their family was about to embark upon a harrowing adventure of moving to Zambia to begin a ministry for children with
Kenji Goto, Christian Journalist, Beheaded By Islamic State
(UPDATED) ISIS releases video reportedly showing execution of Japanese believer.
Goto is a Christian and is motivated by giving children in war zones a voice did a lot to gain at least him favor in the eyes of the public that at least he was not just an adventure seeker.”.
When God Calls You to Leave the Art World
Lilias Trotter could have been a famous painter. Instead, she chose to travel with two other single women to preach the gospel in Algeria. Why?
I think she actually really loved the adventure she was on in Algeria. I think equipped for. It was a hard thing, but Lilias was equipped for that adventure.
Eleven Books to Help You Embrace the Snow
Picture books, chapter books, and novels to enjoy the rest of the winter.
Everest or even walk onto flat ground in a blizzard, but enjoy tales of adventure--this is an old one but fascinating still. Snow Geese by William Fiennes.
The Serious Pleasure of Summer Reading
Ten books—for kids and adults—to challenge and entertain you this summer.
I spent whole rainy afternoons in the summer snuggled up with a book. I relished trips to the library and stacks of books that would take me into new worlds of adventure and intrigue.
MLB Wife Julianna Zobrist: ‘Baseball Is All My Kids Have Ever Known’
How the Christian singer and her Chicago Cubs husband keep faith and family first.
So if I'm upbeat for the adventure, which is what I call any unforeseen crazy situation (trades, canceled flights, locked out of hotel room, forgot to pack underwear), then they're typically
Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Round-Up
Movies about humor and disappointment, inequality and autism, celebrity and Scientology.
By virtue of having been taken in by a hearty, no-nonsense, loving woman, the two find themselves with only one another to lean on and embark on an adventure.
Go West, Young Woman: The Rise of the Solo Female Traveler
I learned for myself why some of the best adventures are taken alone.
same study found an increase among “Wander Women”—solo female travelers (SFTs) who aren't waiting for a spouse or family and friends' schedules to line up in order to adventure.
Displaying 1 – 15 of 759 ARTICLES
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Top Story July 31, 2016
Is There a Better Way to Fight 'Political Correctness'?
Is There a Better Way to Fight 'Political Correctness'?
When language is a tool for coercion, nobody wins.
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