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In the 'DuckTales' Reboot, Family Remains Scrooge's Riskiest Adventure
As the new Disney series reminds us, 'Family is nothing but trouble.' That's exactly what makes it valuable.
In the 'DuckTales' Reboot, Family Remains Scrooge's Riskiest Adventure. Geoffrey Reiter| August 22, 2017. In the 'DuckTales' Reboot, Family Remains Scrooge's Riskiest Adventure.
Why Girls Need Camp
Christian camp can be a powerful, confidence-building experience for girls.
You will be hearing more about our Evangelism and Leadership master's degree, with a concentration on Outdoor Adventure and Leadership, in the coming days.
The Need for Multi-Denominational Church Planting Networks in Our Cities
One tribe can’t teach you everything you need to know.
It's the communitas that Alan Hirsch describes in his book The Forgotten Ways. It's the brotherhood that leaves their tribe and that's birthed out of adventure, challenge, and mission.
One-on-One with Peyton Jones on "Reaching the Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art"
"I think that every believer has this hidden yet reluctant adventurer inside of them."
Nobody expects that he hides an inner adventurer that'd rather be out in the jungle on some adventure. We settle for the classroom, but the adventure is out there.
Effective Partnering: The Church and Cross-Cultural Worker On-Task Together
A good church-field partnership takes work and lots of communication.
Is it basketball? Education? Medical care? Hairstylists? Coffee/tea-drinking? Adventure sports? Business acumen? Counseling? The list is endless.
Died: Scholar Who Made the Bible Kid-Friendly
Adventure Bible and Teen Study Bible editor Lawrence O. Richards reimagined Christian education for evangelicals.
Adventure Bible and Teen Study Bible editor Lawrence O. Richards reimagined Christian education for evangelicals. Gleanings. Died: Scholar Who Made the Bible Kid-Friendly.
Pastors, Your Sermons Do Matter If You Want To See People Come To Trust Jesus
Every preacher at some point has experienced the painful vulnerability of baring their soul.
The day I was commissioned into the ministry a group of good friends, companions in the adventure, laid their hands on my head and shoulders and prayed a simple charge into my life
Breaking the Cult Image in One Transient Community
A return to biblical hospitality can open wide the doors for gospel witness to occur.
By the afternoon, friends who had heard about our little impromptu adventure showed up with hot dogs, balloons to fill with water, drinks, materials to make piñatas, etc.
13 Books to Read with Your Kids This Summer
What books would I take to a desert island—if my children came with me?
A swift-moving adventure story packed with powerful animal kingdoms and gears galore, Smith's tale really does see The Nutcracker in a whole new way.
5 Things You Should Know Before You Send Your Kid to College
A college administrator offers counsel on coming of age and higher ed.
of unknowns. For me, however, I was heading into an adventure, reaching toward new heights as I climbed the highest peak of the Adirondacks. Four
Dear Church Planter, I Believe in You
Church planting is a key to advancing the kingdom of God.
You're headed into the adventure of a lifetime, and I pray that my newly revised book, Planting Missional Churches: Your Guide to Starting Churches that Multiply (
The 'Prophets' and 'Apostles' Leading the Quiet Revolution in American Religion
A Christian movement characterized by multi-level marketing, Pentecostal signs and wonders, and post-millennial optimism.
What do they get out of it? Christerson: For the young people, they're searching for meaning, and they're also looking for adventure and excitement. These
Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ Big AdventureSubscriber Access Only
How evangelicalism’s “royal wedding” shows us the glory and struggle of marriage and ministry.
The call to home and ministry. Some of this disconnect is explained by our cultural assumptions about who bears responsibility for the work of the home
Confessions of a Middle-Aged White Woman: 5 Leadership Lessons on the Way to Diversity
Cru leader Cas Monaco shares her journey to racial understanding.
She and her husband Bob have been married 33 adventure-filled years on the mission field and in the pastorate. I was privileged to be Cas' professor.
‘The Lost City of Z’ Points to the City That Is to Come
The thrilling story of British explorer Percy Fawcett dramatizes our search for a transcendent home.
with a bagpipe score, sweeping vistas, and shots of adoring wives and children cheering on their men, the scene embodies masculine attraction to danger, adventure, exploration and
A Fleeting Gift
feel whole. If I've learned anything from facing death, it is that life is not meant to be simply survived. Life is the greatest adventure there is. Why stop your
Choose Your Own Sexual Ethics AdventureSubscriber Access Only
A critique of purity culture turns into a plea for self-centered sexuality.
Opinion | Sexuality. Choose Your Own Sexual Ethics Adventure. A critique of purity culture turns into a plea for self-centered sexuality. Gina Dalfonzo.
Why the Church Needs the Infertile CoupleSubscriber Access Only
We're missing a broader scope of familial love.
Relief begins when Carl, who is by no means immune to their sadness, places Ellie's “adventure book”—which has many more pages in it for them to fill—in her lap.
When Altar Calls Don't Work
How many times did I need to get saved before truly loving God?
As a boy, I listened intently to my dad recount some of the greatest adventure stories ever told: Noah and his ark, David defeating a giant, and Joshua shouting down walls.
What the Tower of Babel Can Teach Us about Our Desire for True Gospel Witness
Foundational to following Jesus is that we live by faith and not fear!
Just as God called Abraham to leave behind the familiar and go on an adventure into the realm of the unknown in order to be a blessing unto the nations, God calls us to do the same.
Germans Are Welcoming Refugees as a Way to Honor Luther’s Legacy
Germans Are Welcoming Refugees as a Way to Honor Luther’s Legacy
Asylum seekers and immigrants are big part of the Reformation’s 500th anniversary in Germany.
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