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Breaking the Cult Image in One Transient Community
A return to biblical hospitality can open wide the doors for gospel witness to occur.
By the afternoon, friends who had heard about our little impromptu adventure showed up with hot dogs, balloons to fill with water, drinks, materials to make piñatas, etc.
How a Man of the Coasts and Cities Found Christ
My story of ditching hypocritical religion and secular hedonism for the joys of true discipleship
This was good training for a kid who would one day become a writer of adventure and suspense novels, but it also taught me that words and thoughts should have integrity.
Dear Church Planter, I Believe in You
Church planting is a key to advancing the kingdom of God.
You're headed into the adventure of a lifetime, and I pray that my newly revised book, Planting Missional Churches: Your Guide to Starting Churches that Multiply (
Extreme Athletes Don’t Have to Settle for Adrenaline Highs
Action-sports ministries help wakeboarders, surfers, skaters, and snowboarders ground their passions in gospel truth.
athletes. People flock to ski towns each winter, and beach towns each summer, often bringing with them idealistic notions of outdoors and adventure.
Confessions of a Middle-Aged White Woman: 5 Leadership Lessons on the Way to Diversity
Cru leader Cas Monaco shares her journey to racial understanding.
She and her husband Bob have been married 33 adventure-filled years on the mission field and in the pastorate. I was privileged to be Cas' professor.
Choose Your Own Sexual Ethics Adventure
A critique of purity culture turns into a plea for self-centered sexuality.
Health & Body; Work. Choose Your Own Sexual Ethics Adventure. Home > 2015 > March. Ariadna Bruna / Flickr. 0; tweet; share; 0; print. Choose Your Own Sexual Ethics Adventure.
Pete's Dragon
David Lowery is a great match for reimagining the classic Disney film.
It's a familiar story, to be sure: the old axiom that you have to get rid of the parents in order for kids to have an adventure is an axiom for good reason. (Think of most Disney films.).
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How many times did I need to get saved before truly loving God?
As a boy, I listened intently to my dad recount some of the greatest adventure stories ever told: Noah and his ark, David defeating a giant, and Joshua shouting down walls.
The Casserole-Toting Church Ladies Hold the Secret To Happiness
I found unexpected heroes—and a model for faithful living—in the elderly women at my church.
post noting that the reasons for the divorce are “very personal.” In the resulting flurry, public commentators can barely conceal their eagerness at the thought of another Gilbert adventure
Morning Roundup 9/2/15
Critiquing Well; Maintaining Marriages; Missionary Hero
in search of heroic adventures for Christ, I moved to Southeast Asia to “teach English.” Needless to say, I quickly learned that a small-town English teacher's life is not all high adventure.
My Encounter with Ken Ham's Giant Ark
A four-hour visit to the massive replica of Noah's boat left me with a flood of questions.
A sign reads: “Driven by a desire for adventure and a love for construction, Noah traveled to a small port city where he became an apprentice shipwright.
10 Books Worth Reading This Summer
Our July book list: Her.meneutics writers recommend their favorites.
McMillan's debut novel is a combination of adventure, mystery, and romance and serves as a love letter to a vibrant city. — Gina Dalfonzo. Comment on this article Single Page. Page:1.
Religious Fiction Sales Nosedive, Non-Fiction Soars
Bibles and religious non-fiction, including “heaven tourism” books, jump up 12 percent.
The decline in Christian fiction matched the drop in action/ adventure books; the only category that fared worse was occult/psychological/horror, which dropped by 26 percent.
The Secret Life of Pets
A pleasant enough re-tread of every animated movie featuring talking animals that you've ever seen.
Instead it sends them off on an adventure that's some cross between Toy Story, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Lady and the Tramp, Finding Dory, and probably a half
Deep Calls Out to Deep, but I Long to Stay Shallow
What spring break taught me about God.
It's not just me, and it's not just my kids. The books that fly off the shelves are the ones that keep us on the surface of a mystery or a scintillating adventure.
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Top Story August 24, 2016
What 'No Man's Sky' and C. S. Lewis Tell Us About the Spirit of Our Age
What 'No Man's Sky' and C. S. Lewis Tell Us About the Spirit of Our Age
The recent hit sci-fi video game promises an infinite galaxy to explore. Is that enough?
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