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Can Robots Be Sexist?
How artificial intelligence might reinforce and amplify gender stereotypes.
Late last year, for example, a Japanese company released a holographic anime “robot” called Gatebox, which features an animated character dressed to look like a cross between a
Pete DocterSubscriber Access Only
The genius director of Inside Out and other Pixar favorites shows off the power of animated storytelling.
The genius director of Inside Out and other Pixar favorites shows off the power of animated storytelling. Pete Docter. Pete Docter. The genius director of
The Secret Life of Pets
A pleasant enough re-tread of every animated movie featuring talking animals that you've ever seen.
A pleasant enough re-tread of every animated movie featuring talking animals that you've ever seen. The Secret Life of Pets. A pleasant enough re-tread
'Mommy, Is Gru a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?'
'Despicable Me 3' recalls the Apostle Paul's struggle to 'do the right thing.'
surprisingly fresh. And, ultimately, the story's busyness is perhaps the only reason such weighty topics could be broached in a kids' animated comedy. While
When Happiness Weeps
A few nights ago, our family gathered to watch the Pixar animated movie Inside Out. All of the emotions are animated characters with their own sets of strengths and flaws.
In 'Cars 3,' Humility Finishes First over Generational Conflict
The classic Pixar franchise returns with a refreshing look at what it means to pass the torch onward.
Getting old isn't fun, whether you are a human being or an animated racecar, and it's not long before McQueen's legacy is threatened as he is outrun by the next generation of cars.
From Jonathan Edwards to Jerry FalwellSubscriber Access Only
Pulitzer Prize–winner Frances FitzGerald looks at the long history behind evangelical political activism.
frontiers. In recent years, historians have debated what animated the Christian Right. Some have stressed a backlash to the civil rights movement. Others
Morning Roundup 6/2/15
Pastors' Spouses; Time-lapse of NYC; Getting Attention in the Christian Blogosphere
If you are interested in the history of New York City, here is a wonderful 500 year animated timelapse video from the perspective of the new One World Trade Center.
How Brainy Women Benefit the Church
A recent study suggests that intelligence is often associated with masculinity, not femininity.
girl, that Belle.” Belle seems oblivious to their judgment but later, in a moment of emotional vulnerability, she asks her father, “Am I…odd?” When I first saw the animated version (shortly
Hotel Transylvania 2
A not-so-beloved original gets a much better sequel.
action and rude humor.). Genre Animated, Children. Directed By Genndy Tartakovsky. Run Time 1 hour 29 minutes. Cast Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg
Why ‘The Secret of Kells’ is a Perfect Christmastime Movie
The film is a gorgeous reminder of the beauty of God that waits beyond our walls of fear.
Where it's safe. Brendan, the young ninth-century hero in the 2007 animated feature The Secret of Kells, has learned similar lessons. Be safe. So begins this extraordinary animated film.
The Critics Roundup: "The November Man" and "The Congress"Subscriber Access Only
What the critics are saying about Pierce Brosnan’s return to the silver spy screen and Robin Wright’s animated political flick.
What the critics are saying about Pierce Brosnan's return to the silver spy screen and Robin Wright's animated political flick. The Critics Roundup: "The
Big Hero 6Subscriber Access Only
It's plenty of fun for kids, but it ends up being a good time without ever really being a good movie.
elements.). Genre Animated. Directed By Don Hall, Chris Williams. Run Time 1 hour 42 minutes. Cast Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Daniel Henney, TJ Miller.
Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Round-Up
Movies about humor and disappointment, inequality and autism, celebrity and Scientology.
services throughout the year. Here are my picks. 'Life, Animated'. Life, Animated. Roger Ross Williams. US theatrical release: July 8, 2016. A good candidate
Wilson's BookmarksSubscriber Access Only
From John Wilson, editor of Books & Culture.
endnotes), but it is an unflaggingly interesting account of a tormented genius, neither hagiographic (Swift “took the freedom to berate as one of his basic liberties”) nor animated by a
'The Jungle Book' Honors Tradition and Does Something New
The differences are telling, and so are the similarities.
The 1967 animated The Jungle Book was—for no specific reason I can discern—the only Disney movie allowed in our home when my little brother and I were growing up.
Our Need for Friendly Giants
How 'The BFG' rekindles our dream of the divine.
Our Need for Friendly Giants. How 'The BFG' rekindles our dream of the divine. Jeffrey Overstreet| October 12, 2016. Our Need for Friendly Giants. Our Need for Friendly Giants.
Inside OutSubscriber Access Only
You can’t please all of the people all of the time—or can you?
elements and some action.). Genre Animated, Family. Directed By Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen. Run Time 1 hour 35 minutes. Cast Amy Poehler, Phyllis
Manga ManiaSubscriber Access Only
The Japanese Bible series has sold more than the Jesus Storybook Bible. So why is it not taking off in Japan?
Asia. More than 150,000 copies have been sold in the United States; in Australia, 25 “episodes” are being animated for distribution through a Bible app.
What to Make of the First Presidential Debate
Things we're reading and discussing this week.
We've long understood that our Founding Fathers weren't Christians in the CT sense, but historians agree that a Judeo-Christian framework animated their aspirations.
Top Story August 20, 2017
Is America’s Great Eclipse a Sign from God?
Is America’s Great Eclipse a Sign from God?
A reminder of humanity’s small part in God’s universe
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