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A Waiting World, the Anticipation of Christmas, and What We Learn About the Love of God
Our hearts are restless until they rest in You.
There is something in each of us that wants to know that we're cared for. Augustine, in his work The Confessions, came to grips with the restlessness of the human heart.
A Broken, Dying World: Why Spiritual Hunger Is Real and How We Can Begin to Meet People Where They Are
Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee
Saint Augustine's often quoted statement from his Confessions—“ Thou hast made us for Thyself, O God, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee”—assumes much
Augustine Today: Why He’s Still Relevant
Dr. Lee is Senior Fellow at the Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies.
Apr 4, 2017. theology, podcast. Augustine Today: Why He's Still Relevant. Augustine Today: Why He's Still Relevant. What issues did Augustine face as a Bishop in North Africa?
Evangelical Christians Are Sick
The movement is driven by a painful awareness that the heart—each of our hearts—is desperately wicked.
repentance. Augustine describes the days leading up to his conversion, saying,. Finally palpable. Again, Augustine's conversion is the archetype. As
It Doesn’t Get Any More Personal
Why evangelicals give pride of place to penal substitutionary understandings of the Cross.
To be sure, no such model was fully developed until then, but it's clearly in the minds of many of the early church fathers, like Justin Martyr, Gregory of Nyssa, Athanasius, and Augustine.
Cease Squirming and Know That I Am God: Why Don't We Share the Gospel?
We share the gospel because men and women need to know they are loved by God.
and nature of God. He made us for Himself and, as Augustine observed, our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Him. The antidote to human
A Roman Catholic Appreciation of Justification by Faith
Both traditions can appreciate Luther’s famous dictum as a recovery, not a discovery.
Saint Augustine had already clearly explained its meaning centuries ago: “The 'righteousness of God' is that by which we are made righteous, just as 'the salvation of God' [see Ps 3:8
Glennon Doyle Melton's Gospel of Self-Fulfillment
Why living your truth bravely isn't enough.
This is the story of desire as the gospel tells it. St. Augustine's conversion story, more than 1,500 years old, is still a resonant story of desire. Despite having
How We Read the Bible Rightly and Get It Wrong
Let's show mercy to those who 'misinterpret' Jeremiah 29:11 and other favorite verses.
This is wisdom. This same situation was already pondered and illustrated by the great theologian and hermeneutist Augustine in his textbook on how to read Scripture.
The Contexts for Our Carols
Cherished Christmas carols help us to sing with the saints through the ages.
Through the work of missionaries like Patrick, Columba, Boniface, Augustine of Canterbury, and countless others, the Christian faith spread throughout Europe, reaching a point of
A Minister's Simple Job DescriptionSubscriber Access Only
St. Augustine's timeless charge to those in ministry.
St. Augustine's timeless charge to those in ministry. Augustine of Hippo. 0; tweet; link. share; share; share. expand: email; print. We recommend this Building Church Leaders training tool
Why Critics Are Wrong to Scold Evangelicals for Historical Rootlessness
A new book demonstrates the movement has been “a perennial and recurring feature of Christian history.”
In their writings, Martin Luther, Huldrych Zwingli, John Calvin, and others made regular reference to Augustine, Bernard, Jerome, Athanasius, the Cappadocian fathers, Chrysostom
The Inconvenience of Loving Wisdom
Those who are afraid to test their convictions will lose the moral high ground in calling non-Christians to test their own beliefs.
Augustine talks about philosophy as the love of wisdom, since it comes from the Latin philo (love) andsophos (wisdom). Proverbs praises the lover of wisdom (, , ).
Unprecedented, All Over Again.Subscriber Access Only
3 of today's crises the church has faced before.
excommunication. Just a generation later, Ambrose's most famous protégé, Augustine of Hippo (354-430), witnessed serious shifts in Christianity's social prominence.
Evangelical Distinctives in the 21st Century
The first in a series on the meaning and place of a historic movement.
I venture to call this piety Augustinian … because Augustine is the arch-exemplar of a religious frame of mind of which Puritanism is only one instance out of many in fifteen hundred
The Truth about Suicide
More and more Americans are taking their own lives. How the church can step up.
But that idea comes more from Augustine and medieval theology than the Bible. Scripture doesn't actually say that suicide separates us from God for eternity.
What Does the Lord Require of You?Subscriber Access Only
Micah’s most beloved verse is more than a spiritual to-do list.
They challenge. In their own ways, Martin Luther and Saint Augustine found the prophets puzzling. So, when you and I experience similar hurdles we are in good company.
Your Spiritual Crisis Has 214 Likes
When our spiritual journeys are traveled in public, is there any room for the still, small voice of God?
But in the meantime, the question of social media's influence takes on added complexity for young Christians. If Augustine had a blog, readers might have lost interest.
Dissertations that are Needed Today
Work to add to the body of human knowledge.
Augustine is quoted as saying, “Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.” An interesting dissertation would be a global study about the
Our Beautiful, Broken Christian AncestorsSubscriber Access Only
As a Southerner, I have to grapple with my forebears’ tainted legacy. As a believer, I have to do the same.
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disengaged. “Why?” I asked. In short, it was because they deemed John Calvin a homophobe, Augustine of Hippo a sexist, and Arius a marginalized voice. The
In Defense of Pro-Life ‘Hypocrisy’
In Defense of Pro-Life ‘Hypocrisy’
Analogies between abortion and other “life issues” are shakier than we sometimes suppose.
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