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Theology and the Care of Creation
Dr. Nadine Folino Rorem is Professor of Biology at Wheaton College.
Theology and the Care of Creation. Dr. Nadine Folino Rorem is Professor of Biology at Wheaton College. Dr. Nadine Folino Rorem is Professor of Biology at Wheaton College.
Belonging Is About More Than Biology
As an adoptee and adoptive mom, God is teaching me about his welcoming love.
excerpt | Family. Belonging Is About More Than Biology. As an adoptee and adoptive mom, God is teaching me about his welcoming love. Kelley Nikondeha.
The Southern Baptist (Re-)Emergence in Church Planting
Church planting accelerates and advances the kingdom in exponential ways.
I had an undergraduate degree in biology and chemistry, but God called us to plant a church. Ironically, I got turned down by the SBC Home Mission Board to be a church planter.
America’s Surrogacy Bump: Is Fertility a Blessing to Be Shared?Subscriber Access Only
Pro-life carriers and Christian bioethicists navigate the patchy landscape for assisted reproduction.
America's Surrogacy Bump: Is Fertility a Blessing to Be Shared? Pro-life carriers and Christian bioethicists navigate the patchy landscape for assisted reproduction.
I’m a White Mom of Beautiful ‘Colored’ Boys
As a bi-racial family, how should we raise our children?
When God created man and woman, he made them both in his image. In their biology existed all the colors of the people. And God said, “This is very good.”.
How the Transgender Narrative Perpetuates Stereotypes
The church can offer hope to those who find it hard to love the body they’re in.
a fundamental truth: There is greater diversity and inclusivity when we anchor our psychosexual identity in the objective, scientifically knowable reality of our male or female biology.
5 Books That Bring Science and Christianity TogetherSubscriber Access Only
Thoughtful recommendations on responding to atheism, understanding genetics, and considering what evolution means for biblical interpretation.
While studying evolutionary biology at UC Santa Barbara, he was stunned by the beauty and intricacy of God's creation, and he became a Christian in the process.
How Young African Americans are Fusing Faith and Activism
And how the church can help nurture their desire to integrate spirituality and social justice in fresh ways.
The old adage says, “Adolescence begins in puberty and biology, but it ends in culture.” Because some of the cultural markers of adulthood are shifting, where adolescence ends is also
There’s Proof that Scientists Don’t Hate Christians
Faith leaders have a better shot than celebrities at changing the narrative about religion and science.
students pursue careers to become physicians or high school chemistry teachers, they are much less likely than the general population to endorse a career in biology or physics.
What Animals Teach Christians about Getting Along
Competition characterizes some creature interactions. So does tenderness and care.
According to Jeff Schloss, a biology professor at Westmont College and senior scholar at the BioLogos Foundation, neither view—all idyllic or all strife—does justice to the wonder of
Morning Roundup 6/16/15
Shia Labeouf's Faith; Making the Most of Life; Biologist on the "Engineer" Behind Molecules
Recently a friend sent me a link to a TEDx talk, "Digital biology and open science -- the coming revolution," which affirms that life's "complex interacting molecular machines" reveal
What’s Under the Microscope Can Lead to Worship
Finding beauty in the mundane: from our morning coffee to a nematode worm.
My field of biology has always been a very visual subject, and today that visual element can be expressed in stunning high-resolution color photographs.
Thoughts on Discipleship from a Marine Conservationist
Why changing hearts is hard and how Christ overcomes that.
preach about. Cara Daneel, a South African native, received her Marine Biology and Oceanography degree from the University of Cape Town. She has
Died: Robert Jenson, ‘America’s Theologian’
The lifelong Lutheran and ecumenical leader shaped a generation with new scholarship on the Trinity, salvation, and systematics.
the time. Jenson remained at Luther College, though a number of faculty members in the religion and biology departments resigned en masse. He encountered
Are Religious Kids Meaner or Nicer?
A Christian sociologist responds to two contradictory studies and what they tell us about science.
Is faith good for kids? A paper published in Current Biology last year posed this question. A recent study published in Current Biology has called these findings into question.
Is Addiction a Disease? Yes, and Much MoreSubscriber Access Only
Four core aspects of recovery that are essential for addressing addiction.
and spiritual. Addicts are moral agents, in community, with biology working against their spiritual goals. Biological whole lives. Biology and the Brain. Our
Take Hope in That High Pollen Count
How allergy season reminds us that little things can have a big impact.
words and deeds point to Christ. Dorothy Boorse is professor of biology at Gordon College in Massachusetts. She studies wetland ecology, invertebrates
What Science Says About the Age of Accountability Subscriber Access Only
The latest research on good, evil, and infants.
Wallace believed that a godly force must have intervened in human evolution since the “higher moral faculties” were higher than what you would expect through evolutionary biology.
No Middle Ground: Evangelical Leaders Reject Compromise on LGBT and Religious Rights
Scores sign statement against SOGI protections.
attempt to impose, by force of law, a system of orthodoxy with respect to human sexuality: the belief that marriage is merely a union of consenting adults, regardless of biology, and that
The March for Science Isn’t Anti-Religion. Most Scientists Aren’t Either.
What I’ve learned from a decade of studying the faith of researchers.
with. “I aspire to be a spiritual person,” one US professor of biology told us during an interview. “To me, it's almost like a kind of Golden Rule type of thing.
Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died
Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died
'America's pastor' shaped modern evangelicalism.
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