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When He Died Upon the Tree
James Cone's seminal book gives a theological response to the dark history of lynchings in America.
When He Died Upon the Tree. James Cone's seminal book gives a theological response to the dark history of lynchings in America. Bruce Fields| August
One-on-One with Keith Getty about Being Awarded by the British Empire, Modern Hymns, and His New Book
Hymn writer awarded an OBE.
Jul 17, 2017. OBE, hymnody, book review. One-on-One with Keith Getty about Being Awarded by the British Empire, Modern Hymns, and His New Book.
When It Comes to Sexuality, ‘We Can’t Simply Review the Verses Anymore’Subscriber Access Only
Pastor Todd Wilson wants to recover the deeper theological and moral meaning of being made male and female.
His book Mere Sexuality: Rediscovering the Christian Vision of Sexuality invites evangelicals to see the We can't simply review the verses anymore; we need to see the logic of “mere
To More Than a Few Good Men: Don’t Give Up on Working with Women
Four research-based solutions beyond Mike Pence’s ‘Billy Graham Rule.’
A female pastor spoke of her exclusion from the weekly post-sermon review in the church's author of Dare Mighty Things, she is currently at work on her second book, which explores
Why Churches Should Give Gifted Women a ChanceSubscriber Access Only
God's people can't unite against the Enemy when half of them are on the sidelines.
being part of this conversation? In many ways, this book is a continuation of work I've been involved in for much of my adult life. Back in 1985, I came
Christianity Today’s 2017 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
Whether you are a loud lover of words or a shy lover of solitude, this book will likely convict you.” —Tish Harrison Warren, author ofLiturgy of the Ordinary. (Read our review of The
‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ Explores the Painful Origins of Winnie-the-Pooh
Fox’s new A. A. Milne biopic is more Eeyore than Tigger—but maybe that’s a good thing.
It's like a book against Wednesdays.” You may not like wars or Wednesdays, she argues, but they are in the United Kingdom before the United States, and in his negative review for The
Weekend Edition—May 20, 2016
The Black Church, Sharing Our Faith, Church Signs, and more!
Planting Missional Churches—Daryl Dash. I appreciate Daryl's gracious review of Daniel Im and my new book. As I've read the book, I've had three thoughts.
Come Out of Your Gender-Role Foxholes
How men and women can have better conversations about leadership, love, and life together.
Our Rating. Book Title Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian: A Kingdom Corrective to the Evangelical Gender Debate. However, the book falters in a few key ways.
The New ‘Magic School Bus’ Still Sees Knowledge as a Gateway to Wonder
For many, science is about pursuing mastery. Ms. Frizzle has always invited us to marvel instead.
In his wonderful book The Relevance of Physics, Stanley L. Jaki shows how modernity Additionally, Dustin is currently a fellow at both the National Review Institute–Dallas and the
‘It’ Is Big-Budget Horror with a Surprising Amount of Heart
The latest Stephen King adaptation’s success has more to do with the friendship it celebrates than the scares it delivers. 
Ironically, if you tend to put a lot of stock in review aggregator sites like Rotten Devotees of the book (I count myself among them) have been especially anxious about the onscreen
‘Dear Worship Leader...’Subscriber Access Only
A review of Zac Hicks’s The Worship Pastor.
A review of Zac Hicks's The Worship Pastor. Zac Hicks (Canon for Worship and Liturgy at Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, Alabama) offers a new book: The Worship
‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ Gets Cosmic Conflict Disturbingly Right
David Lynch’s cult-classic revival is exactly as imaginative—and as uncomfortable—as it always needed to be.
In his book of reflections on creativity, Catching the Big Fish, Lynch expresses his desire to see human beings For those who need it, here's a quick review of what preceded The Return.
With Rising Teen Suicides, the Church Cannot Afford Mixed Messages on Mental Health
How ministries can play a role in getting youth the support they need.
And so, because Fagan's book has also informed my understanding of mental illness The Chronicle of Higher Education, Adoptive Families, and Mennonite World Review, among others
Friend, Have You Heard the Good News About the Simulation Hypothesis?
Why a sci-fi idea championed by Elon Musk and others is an opportunity for Christians.
earlier, Sallie McFague made similar stern warnings in her famous book Metaphorical Theology (1982 Association (CATA) and as the general editor of The Christian Libertarian Review.
The Best Ways to Help the Poor
A new book, building on three classics, fills out the picture.
appreciated the way the book drew upon recent work and new breakthroughs in this field: an interview with leading economist Bill Easterly, the chapter on truthing, and a review of some
The Faith-Work Gap for Professional Women
From our special issue: How the faith group least likely to support working women can do better.
In research for my book, A Woman's Place, I found many examples of leaders 21st-century workforce, where “collaboration is taking over,” reported the Harvard Business Review in 2016
20 Truths From The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership
What does extraordinary leadership look like? Learn from Jenni Catron's new book.
I hope you're encouraged by this book—Jenni's a great leader and always worth a Extraordinary leaders put intentional time and effort into building review processes and performance
Pastoring in the Age of Celebrity
How famous Bible teachers impact local Bible study.
And at times, a leader's popularity, presence on a certain book list, or spot on a speaker lineup He suggested they review all materials used in a leader's ministries, asking, “Is it biblical?
Morning Roundup 7/13/15
Supporting Same-Sex Marriage; Humility in Evangelism; Leadership Development in the Local Church
In his second book, You lost me: Why young Christians are leaving church … and rethinking faith the generalizations made from the data as well as the lack of peer review), still the
The Biggest Loser in the Alabama Election
The Biggest Loser in the Alabama Election
It’s not Republicans or Democrats, but Christian witness.
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