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The Local Church Is More Awkward Than Your Facebook WallSubscriber Access Only
Embrace it anyway.
Our March cover package offers an in-depth look at establishing a sustainable Christian community The Benedict Option's Vision for a Christian Village Is It Time for Evangelicals to
33 Under 33Subscriber Access Only
Meet the Christian leaders shaping the next generation of our faith.
Partridge's success has earned the attention of the broader business community, with a feature in Forbes, his face on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine, and speeches at Facebook
Gleanings: September 2016Subscriber Access Only
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our September issue).
sweeping restrictions on church gatherings and missionary activity that were passed in a package of anti What is the date of Pentecost?”; and even “What color is the cover of the Bible
Women Who 'Prophesy'Subscriber Access Only
We were told God would do this.
Let's just consider the proliferation of powerful female evangelists (eg, Anne Graham Lotz) and Bible teachers (eg, Beth Moore) and, as our cover package shows, female apologists (p.
Pope's Creation Teachings Nothing New for Francis Schaeffer Fans
Two works on environmental care, 45 years apart, show what evangelicals and Catholics can agree on.
spiritual laurels. But over a decade after his death in 1984, CT canonized, if you will, Schaeffer as “Our Saint Francis” in a 1997 cover package. In his
WWJD Before 33
Meet 33 who have done a lot before their Jesus year.
The 33 people in this month's cover package have done a lot for Jesus, all by or before their Jesus year. Just take the three folks on our cover: One has
A Toast To TemperanceSubscriber Access Only
A needed corrective for cocktail-sipping Christians.
These are important questions at the center of this issue's cover package: DL Mayfield's personal story and Jennifer Woodruff Tait's essay on the teetotaling movement.
Rick Warren's Son Dies from SuicideSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Death of Matthew Warren, 27, prompts national discussion on how churches should respond to depression and other mental illnesses.
CT offers special sections on depression and mental health, including a 2009 cover package on "why we're more down than ever,–and the crucial role churches play in healing.".
Shame on Us: Christian Chatter in the TwittersphereSubscriber Access Only
Join our chat Thursday using the hashtag #CTshame.
These examples correspond with CT's latest cover story—the magazine's first-ever emoji blushing on Beyond this package examining how fame and shame relate to the gospel, we at
How Egypt's Government Is Trying to Get Christians to Follow JesusSubscriber Access Only
Long-dormant pilgrimage route focuses on Jesus' post-Christmas journey.
Long-dormant pilgrimage route focuses on Jesus' post-Christmas journey.
Why Nigeria's President Just Visited (Almost) Every Pilgrimage Site in IsraelSubscriber Access Only
Trip with eight governors is first-ever Holy Land trip by a sitting president of Africa's most divided Christian-Muslim nation.
Trip with eight governors is first-ever Holy Land trip by a sitting president of Africa's most divided Christian-Muslim nation.
Nigeria: This Year's Easter Pilgrims Will Be Last Year's LeftoversSubscriber Access Only
Massive floods mean backlog from 2012 will go instead.
Massive floods mean backlog from 2012 will go instead.
Muslim Convert Quits Catholic Church for Being Too Soft on IslamSubscriber Access Only
High-profile Italian will remain a Christian but doesn't 'believe in the church anymore.'
Editor's note: CT previously has reported on both conversion and Islam, including a cover package earlier this year on the Muslim insider movement and why evangelicals should be
Radio Ads Continue 'Largest Ever' Immigration Reform Effort by EvangelicalsSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Local pastors in 14 states recruited for $400,000 campaign by Evangelical Immigration Table.
the newly inaugurated 113th Congress to move quickly on an immigration reform package that likely three views on what reform should look like, and our September cover story focused
World Vision Launches Its 'Most Far-Reaching Endeavor' EverSubscriber Access Only
Christian charity pledges $500 million to offset government cuts to foreign aid.
other humanitarian groups in a CT cover story on the best ways to fight poverty. Child sponsorship was one of those ways. Stearns contributed to CT as part of that package, and also
My Boss Is a Detroit Carpenter
Detroit native Timothy Addy says his Handyman Ministries provides a doorway into people's lives.
Johnson took a severance package and tried to provide for his wife and three young children. many residents to move, leaving behind homes and a smaller tax base to cover the public
Mars Hill Says It Released Leaders Over Church Discipline CasesSubscriber Access Only
Two "had a pattern of overstepping their authority," church says.
Two "had a pattern of overstepping their authority," church says.
The Depression EpidemicSubscriber Access Only
Why we're more down than ever—and the crucial role churches play in healing.
This article, "Connecting to Hope," "When You're Depressed" "Light When All is Dark," and "My Life with Antidepressants" are part of Christianity Today's March cover package on "The
Clean Water, Clean BloodSubscriber Access Only
Jars of Clay is well on the way to bringing fresh water to 1,000 African communities.
communities. Mark Moring| November 13, 2009. This article is one component of the cover package on "Songs of Justice, Missions of Mercy.". The Chalbi
Songs of Justice, Missions of MercySubscriber Access Only
Why Christian musicians are embarking on a different kind of world tour.
Click for reprint information. Related Elsewhere: Christianity Today also posted the following articles as part of the cover package: Jars of Clay: Clean Water, Clean Blood.
Top Story June 25, 2017
Finding My ‘True Self’ As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
Finding My ‘True Self’ As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
In my young-adult struggle with sexual identity, both legalistic condemnation and progressive license left me floundering.
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